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Inspiring Story (Essay Sample)

Writer you have to imagine you are in a terrible, terrible financial situation. You have several financial responsibility and things are really getting tough for you financially. Recently, you have been contacted by one of your debtor and they decide to give you an opportunity to make your entire loan disappear. You must write a story on what you would do with that money (and I'll give you a hint, using it to pay the water bill isn't overly inspiring). The company will choose up to 100 of the most inspiring (or entertaining) stories and waive those client's ENTIRE BALANCES! Therefore, the story needs to be competitive. Please Don't mention anything about losing a job. Because you're writing to a loan company and they do not want to hear about their customer losing a job. Also, they don't want to hear about other loan companies. The is supposed to be really competitive story and your competing for a chance to get chosen to get your loan forgiven as well. source..

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Small Investment Plan
Financial planning is not concerned only with saving money, but it includes organizing financed to achieve every needs and wants. In order to achieve personal ambitions and dreams, it is significant to be responsible financially to avoid spending more than income. One has to spend money and assets in a manner that is productive and in the best interest of the individual.
The best way to invest the loan money to be awarded is through investing to stock market. The divided reinvestment plan is the best option for a small investment as it will offer me the opportunity to buy stocks directly from companies without the use of brokers as long as I can afford to buy one share. Venturing in this investment cultivates the mindset that makes it possible to distinguish beyond today to provide the needs for tomorrow. This business is significant as it accrue benefits with it such as dollar cost averaging that is invested on a monthly basis. This feature is important as it will allow long term investment because it will provide true returns to investment. The divided that is earned from the investment will be reinvested allowing buying of more stock of the company invested. This is because there is little or no fee charged for reinvesting dividend and this allows the value of stock to increase.
The aspect of smart financial responsibility entails wise investment. Investment in stock has the certainty of payment that makes one to earn more capital. This way the investment is long term and the best option for future finances. The investment progress is monitored to know...
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