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HW 2 Creative Writing Essay. Comparison/contrast. (Essay Sample)

Some of these modes include description (“My Nana's home always made me feel loved and comfortable”), narration (“I grew up when I first visited Afghanistan”), process (“Changing a tire is as simple as popping the trunk, grabbing the spare tire and lug wrench, and unscrewing the lugs”), persuasion/argumentation (“Republican politicians are causing the United States to fall in the same way as the Roman Empire”), and compare/contrast (“BMW's Z4 is more expensive and doesn't provide the same fun as the Mazda Miata”). You won't be writing in all of these modes during this course. But, this is a great time for you to practice, experiment, and be creative with some of them! So, for Homework 2, choose any two modes of development and write one paragraph that exemplifies each of these modes. For example, you may write one narrative paragraph and one comparison paragraph. Your paragraphs should be examples of the modes of development—NOT a definition of the mode. For example, write a paragraph comparing the Ford Mustang to the Chevrolet Camaro; do NOT write a paragraph explaining what is involved in a “generic” comparison/contrast paragraph. Each paragraph should be approximately six to eight sentences in length. Each paragraph should be labeled according to developmental pattern (e.g., narrative, definition, process, persuasive, etc.). Each paragraph should have a topic sentence that will be underlined or highlighted. You may choose any topic that is suitable for the method of development. Use the source I give to you source..

Creative Writing
Although developed and the developing countries share numerous characteristics, they are quite different. In the developed countries, a considerable section of the population tends to be extremely wealthy and lead a somewhat luxurious lifestyle. On the contrary, a substantial number of the citizenry in developing countries are poor and can hardly meet their basic needs. Developed countries also tend to be more economically and politically stable, features that are evidenced by high GDP levels and absence of political upheavals. On the other hand, developing countries are usually characterized by poor economic performance and prolonged or recurrent political unrests....
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