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Good Health Discussions (Essay Sample)


1 1/2 pages: Write an organized response to Willerton's "Writing Toward Reader's Better Health." (in attachments). In your response, state the reading, the author(s)' argument, and the main points. Discuss what lessons you draw from the reading, why you think it is important and how it relates the subject matter of the course or other course concepts.
Your assertions about the reading should be properly supported by evidence from the reading. For example, if you think the argument is x, then explain what brought you to that conclusion. If I can see why you think something (i.e., if you provide me evidence of your thought process), I can give you credit even if you are incorrect about the reading. Your critical thinking is what is important, but I can only see it if you support your points.
Your response should be one-half to one page in length. Do not exceed two pages. You may have more to say so use the space wisely when you organize your response. One of the skills we are working on here (in addition to critical thinking) is writing concisely and effectively organizing your writing. 
1 page: Drawing from the article used in the first assignment (above) what kinds of usability questions might need to be asked and researched in the environment described in the Willerton article? 
1 page: In your own words, describe the difference between big and little usability and the various tools available for each.
1 page( or a little less): In your own words, describe personas and scenarios and their purpose in usability research


Student name:
Human beings always desire to have good health, but certain factors of living have affected their health stability, and this has resulted to them seeking assistant from the physician. Through the availability of online health information, all health issues have been tackled effectively. Some of the information received by patients may be bad or misinterpreted, and this affects their sanity. Health Information Technology Institute has to ensure all the standard are meet for online health information to eliminate any doubt in the information given by the technical communicators. MedAxess, an online system that is secure solve particular problems from the patients and this reduce traveling cost and other charges incurred. Online health information has ensured accurate and useful information is released by the technical communicator researchers thereby promoting reliable information to the consumers.
Arguments the author raise focus on how the target group benefits from health information. When dealing with health issues, experts are needed to give well-detailed information. These experts can deliver accurate prescriptions and all that are needed. Alturas the company the author uses shows how content is delivered to the consumers. The medical review team has to approve the written information before is published or put in online health information website. Physicians and specialists in any online health information company like Alturas maintain accreditation from URAC and even other groups. There has to be a positive relationship between the writers and the physicians to ensure there is high-frequency interaction, and the goals are achieved. Collaboration among the employee in online health Information Company ensure there is shared knowledge and understanding, and this improve the content and an example is the Alturas Company.

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