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Fractal Art. The objective is to develop the most inspiring picture. (Essay Sample)


The objective is to develop the most inspiring picture.
Your picture can be any type of fractal art including Mandelbrot Sets, Julia Sets, fractal landscapes, or nature pictures made of self-replicating fractals. The option is yours. Extra credit is provided for including the Saint Leo color scheme of green and gold, school mascot (tiger), or landscape.
Since this is a math class, you also need to provide a one-page summary of how you created this image including the algorithms used, the values for those algorithms, and the software used to generate the image. In addition, any comments or recommendations on this project for future students are appreciated (such as useful and useless software!).


Fractal Design
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June 14, 2020
Figure SEQ Figure \* ARABIC 1 - Julia Pattern
Fractals are some of the most intriguing things that exist in our world. As compared to regular objects, each of these geometric figures have parts that are statistically similar to the whole, thereby creating a seemingly infinite pattern that repeats with its iteration. 

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