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Differences between scene and summary Creative Writing Essay (Essay Sample)


Workshop 1: Summary and Scene
Read "Summary and Scene" on pages 111-114 in Writing Fiction (Attached). Re-read these pages until you have a good sense of the differences between scene and summary.
Then, write a scene playing two characters in this very fundamental conflict: one wants something that the other does not want to give. The something may be anything- money, respect, jewelry, information, a match-but be sure to focus on that one desire and how it puts the two characters at odds.
Use dialogue and sensory details (we'll be learning more about these two elements later; for now, use both as you see fit) to help your readers feel as though they are actually watching the action you describe in your scene.


Summary and Scene
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Summary and Scene
Although Mike and Brianna have been married for four years, they have different ideas about making a good marriage. Both of them have expectations, but Brianna demands more Mike while the latter requires less of her. These levels of expectations often cause misunderstanding and conflict. Communication is one of the primary issues they are always arguing about. Brianna still wants to talk. She informs her husband about her whereabouts all the time, checks on him during the day, and cannot stand his silence whenever they are together. She will ask Mike what he i

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