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Detecting Media Bias (Essay Sample)


How to detect Media Bias. Elements of the thinking process.
Find a current event related to a social issue of your choosing (no older than a few months) that was widely covered by the media. Access this link for additional help and click on Module 5 assignment. 
1.) Choose two different news articles from two different media sources. Write an essay comparing and contrasting your two sources.
2.) Clearly identify the author, title of article, name of publication. Take notice of the type of article: local, national or international news story, editorial, or column, etc.
3.) Identify the main claim and supporting reasons or premises of your article.
4.) Analyze the logic of the article according to the critical analysis tools we have been studying throughout the course, including identifying fallacies and rhetorical devices. Try looking deeper into the news coverage to discern the significant information that is omitted, and if the evidence is viable. Discern the logic of the arguments in each specific news article. Be alert to discern if there are rival causes and if the evidence is deceptive. Consider what significant information is omitted or if other reasonable conclusions are possible.
Sources and Citation: In addition to the two news articles, find and cite two scholarly sources to back up the claims and conclusions of your analyses.


Detecting Media Bias
Date of Submission
Detecting Media Bias
The recent introduction of "religious freedom" in Indiana and Arkansas is attracting a lot of attention from the American society. As evidence, different author have published media articles on the subject. In fact, Jones and Peters (2015) and Campoy (2015) have published articles on the subject. It is because Jones and Peters (2015) published an article called "Indiana Governor Wants to Clarify Religious Freedom Law," while Campoy (2015) published an article called "Arkansas "religious freedom" Bill Goes to Governor" in the Wall Street Journals. It is notable that the topic suggests the articles were local news stories because one article discusses "religious freedom" in Indiana while the other article discusses "religious freedom" in Arkansas. This paper compares and contrasts the two articles and critics the articles by identifying fallacies and rhetorical devices present in the articles.
To begin with, both articles argue that the new law of "religious freedom" is likely to provide room for businesses to discriminate against gays and lesbians. However, the article by Campoy (2015) focuses on the possible negative effects of the law while the article published by Jones and Peters (2015) focuses on how to improve the language of the "religious freedom" law to ensure it appeals to opponents of the law. This owes to the reality that Campoy (2015) argues that the Arkansas bill can provide businesses with opportunities to deny services to gays or fail to provide contraceptives to women. On the contrary, Jones and Peters (2015) asserts that discussions in Indiana are paying attention on how to improve language of the "religious freedom" bill to correct the perception of discrimination. Further, the Campoy (2015) discusses a bill while Jones and Peters (2015) discuss a law. Simply put, "religious freedom" is already a law in Indiana, but it is in the process of becoming a law in Arkansas.
It is also notable that both authors acknowledge the existence of the "religious freedom" debate in each other's locality. For instance, Jones and Peters (2015) assert that Arkansas lawmakers passed a "religious freedom" bill that intends to be s...
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