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Define Personality (Essay Sample)


Chapter 3 DQ
1.Define personality and describe various personality dimensions that are responsible for individual differences in organizational behavior.
2.How would you describe your personality in terms of these dimensions?
Chapter 4 DQ
1. Define social perception and explain the processes by which people come to make judgments about what others are like.
Please remember to support your answers with textbook citations and peer-reviewed/scholarly journal articles. You should have three to four (3-4) supporting materials for your original discussion post. Please supply references at the bottom of your post with proper APA referencing for your sources, and include APA formatted citations within your responses. References has to be within the last 10 years.


Chapter 3 & 4 DQ
Chapter 3 & 4 DQ
Five personality traits define personal behavior. They include extraversion, openness, agreeableness, neuroticism, and conscientiousness. Openness is the degree a person is open to new ideas, curious, creative, original, and intellectual. Situations that require flexibility and learning new things always need open people. People with this personality are suitable for training since they have motivation to learn new things. Conscientiousness is the degree to which a person is systematic, punctual, dependable, and achievement oriented (Erdogan, 2006). People with this personality achieve a high performance at work and various occupations. Extraversion describes people who are talkative...
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