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Companies with a Conscience (Essay Sample)


The topic of Ethics continues to increase as an issue of central importance to strategic planning. Corporate Social Responsibility and Environmental Sustainability are significant topics that are figured into any substantive discussion of Ethics in contemporary business practices and strategy. In this forum, you need to locate two scholarly (peer-reviewed) journal sources that investigate the topic of conscious capitalism, conscious business, or businesses with a conscience. Tell why the issue of conscientious business is significant; and, tell where this current theme is headed in a global application, if possible. Tell why this topic should be discussed in the context of strategic planning. Remember to use only scholarly articles (minimum two). However, three total scholarly sources are required with your post, so you may utilize your textbook as needed to support your informed assertions.
Instructions: Your initial post should be at least 250 words, and contain three scholarly citations/references (two from peer-reviewed journals). Make sure that your initial post resembles APA format as much as possible, given the textbox available.


Conscious capitalism, conscious business, or businesses with a conscience
Conscious capitalism and the resolve to run socially conscious businesses have garnered interest as businesses increasingly serve the interests of major stakeholders. Organizations have become more responsible for conscious business, with the management seeking to ensure that the employees clearly understand the conscious culture. The benefit of a conscientious business is that it is value driven and socially conscious, and hence employees are likely to report higher job satisfaction. Additionally, the other stakeholders are likely to have a positive view of the organization. Consciousness capitalism challenges the personnel to provide exceptional customer service, and this is in turn encourages sustained growth with lower costs and higher profits.
Conscientious businesses go beyond their corporate social responsibility to embrace ethical values that emphasize respect to the stakeholders, the environment and other businesses. Organizations are exploring the environment impact of their activities more than ever before ...
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