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Childrens Literature: The Happy Prince, Patterns of Action


This program is Children's Literature. This teacher very care about citation, so you better not copy from internet or other sources. In addition, please using your own words and if you need to use other people's sentence, please use citation and APA form.
For your essay, you will need to compare and contrast two novels: Charlotte's web and The Happy Prince (from Module 4 readings) in terms of PATTERNS OF ACTION (pp. 151-158) in your textbook. Your response must have at least 1000 words. Similar to Modules 3 and 4, I am looking for your ability to include and analyze your textbook assigned pages into your response/analysis of these two children's classics. You must include direct citations from all three assigned sources. I will be noting your grammar and spelling as well, so please take time to ensure error free essay delivery.
Grading rubric:
Relevant content (your essay is accurately organized and focused with a clear thesis, you have brought direct citations from both novels) -10%
Literary Analysis (inclusion of cited theory from the textbook) -10%
Accurate APA or MLA Style citation from both sources-5%


Charlotte's web and The Happy Prince
Charlotte's is a children's novel that was written by E.B. White and was first published by Hamish Hamilton in 1952. It is a perfect children's novel the 1970 award by Laura Ingalls Wilder Award. It is a book that was written with a great mixture of excitement, seriousness, and comedy. Despite the fact the book was written more than fifty years ago and it is still good book for children and its major themes of hope and friendship is still relevant today (White, 1999). The other good story for children is The Happy Prince which was written in the year 1888 by an Irish-born English novelist, poet and Playwright; the author is called Oscar Wilde. The Happy Prince a novel that is based on the fairy tale that is talking about a swallow who falls out of love with a reed, the later fall in love with the stature of the Happy Prince (Wilde, 2009).
This essay will compare and contrast the two classic children's novels; Charlotte's web and The Happy Prince in terms of Patterns of Action
Charlotte's Web
The story is about Wilbur that is described as runty yard pig who escapes death after being saved by Mr. Arable's daughter who is eight years old. The author has used different action pattern with characters being represented differently. The author of Charlotte's web has used both the elements of fiction of story to increase the re...

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