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Attendance Rate Cannot Determine The Quality Of A Student (Essay Sample)


The first two pages please write the outline, and please follow the source I give you. The other three pages please follow the outline write the essay.


I. Introduction (Paragraph 1)
A. Introductory Statement: quality of a student
B. Narrowed Down Topic Statement: school attendance
C. The Actual Topic Statement: attendance rate does not influence quality of a student
D. Why the topic is important:. Forced attendance to school might soon be something of the past with the increasing technology growth and individual’s awareness.
E. Thesis Statement: this essay is going to argue against the compulsory attendance
F. Thesis Sub-Statement: Also, observer the major factors to consider to improve student quality leaving attendance out of it. For example motivation.
II. History Paragraph (Paragraph 2):
* Introductory Statement
* Compulsory attendance
1 Attendance improves academic grades
Attendance and academic achievement have a link
* Class attendance throughout the world.
1 Development in schools worldwide for example Uganda.
* Aspec

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