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Argumentative Essay: Plastic shopping sacks should be legally banned from grocery and other retail stores (Essay Sample)

Write a 750-1,000 word essay on one of the topics from pages 302-303 of Steps to Writing Well. Make sure to take into account the feedback that your peers provided about your Pro and Con Chart. Write a convincing argument attacking or defending one of the following statements, or use them to help you think of your own topic. Remember to narrow and focus the topic as necessary. (◆ Note that essays on some of the topics presented here might profit from research material; see Chapter 14 for help.) For additional ideas, see the “Suggestions for Writing” section following the professional essays (page 309). 1. Students should/should not work throughout high school. 2. Plastic shopping sacks should/should not be legally banned from grocery and other retail stores. 3. Sixteen-year-olds should/should not be issued limited-privilege or “graduated” driver's licenses. 4. American students should/should not be required to take more foreign language courses in public school. 5. All adoption records should/should not be open to adopted people over 18. 6. A school voucher system should/should not be used in this state. 7. Students who do poorly in their academic courses should/should not be allowed to participate in athletic programs. 8. All schools should/should not adopt a “repeat/delete” policy, allowing students to retake a course and substitute a higher grade on their record. 9. Televised instant replays should/should not be used to call plays in football, baseball, and other sports. 10. Drivers' use of cell phones while vehicles are in motion should/should not be prohibited. 11. Sodas and high-sugar foods should/should not be sold in public school vending machines. 12. Off-road recreational vehicles should/should not be banned from our national parks. 13. Americans should/should not be required to perform a year of public service after high school graduation. 14. Public school students should/should not be required to wear uniforms. 15. The New Jersey law requiring drivers under twenty-one to display identifying decals on their vehicles should/should not be adopted nationwide. 16. Controversial names or symbols of athletic teams (“Redskins,” the Confederate flag, the tomahawk chop) should/should not be changed. source..

Plastic shopping sacks should be legally banned from grocery and other retail stores.
Plastic shopping bags have been used consumers all over the world from as early as 1960s. Although reuse of these papers is common, they are sometimes referred to as single-use bags as most consumers use them for carrying items from stores to home and then dispose them. Most cities in the United States and Asian countries including India, Nepal, Taiwan, and Singapore are currently in the war against use of plastic shopping bags. These cities and nations among others have passed legislation against the use of plastic bags on the basis of their negative environmental effects. The war against use of plastic shopping bags has been timely and is taking the right course. It should be remembered that plastic bags were made to satisfy a need. The war is not on their existence but merely on the way they are used. Taiwan and China, for example impose heavy fines on those who violate the laws against specified use of plastic bags. Many countries are encouraging the switch towards use of biodegradable bags. Environmental issues resulting from use of plastic bags cannot be ignored at any cost. Plastic itself is a proved enemy to the environment. Plastic degrades soil if buried and degrades the environment if burned. Plastic disposal is a major concern. Most of these plastic bags are non-recyclable and therefore cannot be put into any other better use after use. Even under conditions where these bags are recyclable, most uneducated people, who make the greatest part of population especially in developing countries, just recklessly throw the bags away or lack the means to recycle the plastic bags CITATION Mye05 \l 1033 (Kutz, 2005). Grocery stores use plastic bags to make it easier and efficient to carry the products on sale. However, the fact is that plastic bags are not only in groceries but are almost everywhere. Plastic bags are not only ugl...
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