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Application of Personality Theories in the Blind Side (Essay Sample)


The Movie is the Blind Side with Sandra Bullock and Michael Ohers
Application of Personality Theory
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Section 2 of your paper requires you to apply the theories you chose in Section 1 to the character in your chosen film. Do not critique the film. Rather, you should focus on the personality, behaviors, and attitudes of the film's character. Section 2 of your paper requires you to write an 8–10 page (excluding the title page and reference list) in-depth analysis of your film's character using the two theories you chose in Section 1. You must use at least six professional references in Section 2 to support your work.
In Section 2, address the following areas:
1.Introduce and describe the character from your chosen film. Your character description should be no more than one page.
2.Provide a rationale for choosing your two theories to explain your character's personality. Why are your chosen theories applicable to the assessment of your movie character?
3.Fully analyze the character's personality according to the two theories you selected for Section 1. The analysis in Section 2 should be detailed and comprehensive. Use constructs from your two theories to demonstrate how they can explain your character's personality and behavior. You will need to demonstrate how these constructs explain your character's personality using specific examples from the movie.
4.Analyze how internal and external factors influence the character's personality within the context of each theory. These factors include biological, societal, and cultural influences.
5.Analyze the effect that crisis or trauma-causing events have had on the personality of the character.
6.Provide your assessment of the strengths and weaknesses of using each theory to analyze your character's personality. Were there any limitations in using each theory to assess your film's character?
By the end of this week, complete Section 2 – Application of Personality Theory, and submit your paper to the instructor.
Be sure to use proper APA style to cite and reference your sources. Use the Unit 8 Assignment Template 


Application of Personality Theories in the Blind side
Capella University
Introduction and Description of Film Character
The character of Michael Oher in the Blind Side is one who grows from shyness to being confident in his abilities in the classroom and football. The film represents the story of Oher a poor homeless and African American in is late teenage years. Oher has suffered neglect with his mother unable to take of him because of her drug addiction. The adoption of Oher by Leigh Anne Tuohy and Sean Tuohy provides crucial stability in his life as he goes back to high school and gets to be a football player. This essay emphasizes on Maslow’s hierarchy needs theory and the Blind side and Erikson’s psychosocial cognitive theory, to explain the personality of Michael Oher in the Blind Side.
Rationale for the Chosen Theories
In choosing the hierarchy needs theory, there is recognition that Oher faces conflict within himself having experienced hardships in his life. Michael is more inclined to be concerned about others, and he is not selfish or bitter for having endured hardships. The unselfish concern for others also influences his perceptions and development while living with the Tuohys. Michael goes out to protect the Tuohys having already comfortable living with them, including during a car crash where he protects SJ (Hancock et al., 2009). It is likely that Michael’s actions are an attempt to protect those he loves and fell secure. The Maslow hierarchy of needs highlights that people first seek to meet the physiological needs before the safety needs, and this includes safety of the family.
The hierarchy needs theory explains personality by focusing on what motivates behavior. The theory presupposes that individuals have the motivation to achieve specific needs and when they fulfill one they move to the next (Schultz & Schultz, 2012). The ultimate goal for people is self-actualization, which represents personal growth as one finds meaning in life. Self-actualization can be fulfilled through diverse ways including sports. In other words, there is potential to achieve what one desires. In the moments when experiences moments of love and understanding they are more likely feel wanted. The theory also highlights the need to first satisfy the lower needs, since the needs mostly arise when there is deprivation, and failure to satisfy needs leaves an individual worse off.
The rationale for using Erikson’s psychosocial cognitive theory is that it highlights the importance of children’s trusting relationship with their mothers and early development (Pastorino & Doyle-Portillo, 2012). Michael faced instability from an early age, and his environment impacted negatively on his development as the mother did not take responsibilities for him and his siblings. It was while at the private Christian school that Michael gets to achieve better education results and gains confidence. In any case, having been separated from his family members when young and living in foster care indicate that his personality may have been influenced by inability to express his emotional feelings to those he trusted.
The psychosocial theory highlights that personality is influenced by the social circumstances, and how people relate to each other. The theory proposes that individuals’ development goes through various phases, where people are able to overcome crises in each stage of development (Anonymous, 2001). The theory also emphasizes the role of developing trust and a sense of identity. Additionally, the ability to complete each stage successful is associated with a healthy personality, but failure results in low sense of self-worth. In the theory social development is more prominent than cognitive development in enhancing social interactions and influencing personal...
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