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The View of the Train Research Assignment Paper (Essay Sample)


talk about the own opinion of the 4 photographer
There are 7 picture, 3 of them are the introduce of the book and the other 4 picture are the train.
you have to talk about the opinion of the 4 train.


The View of the Train
The view of the train
This train provides several ideas, which all can be adduced by different people depending on the angle from which it is viewed. The first impression of this locomotive shows an old model of a train that was designed many years ago with the aim of transporting people and goods. This is evident from the heavy metal designs and other types of equipment that were used to make the model. Given this argument, it can be justifiable to state that this train cannot operate in these modern times whereby trains are made to move at high speed. The use of a traditional Venetian chimney to power the engine of the train gives further evidence that its usability in modern times is limited because it could move at a slow speed. There are arguments of historians concerning the loud noises that the trains produced during those past days. Coupled with the thick smoke from the combustion that was on the train, there is a likelihood that they brought about serious problems to the environment through which they passed. Although, in the mod

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