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Values Employers Look For Assignment. Communications & Media Essay (Essay Sample)


1. Create a new Word Online document. In that Word document, make a list of 10 qualities you have which you believe employers would find valuable. As you make your list, keep your learning styles(MY LEARNING IS KINESTHETIC) and preferences in mind! Remember your strengths as you highlight your skills.
2. Go to http://www(dot)naceweb(dot)org/career-development/trends-and-predictions/job-outlook-2016-attributes-employers-want-to-see-on-new-college-graduates-resumes/and read the short article.
3. Be sure that you understand the information presented in this article. If there is anything you do not understand, you may use the Internet as a resource to help you, or ask your instructor.
4. Now, go back to the list you created in Step 1. Using the Comments feature in Word Online, insert a comment next to any items on your list which you think align with the list from the NACE article. In that comment provide two things: 1. Identify the quality named in the article that aligns with the one you identified. 2. Explain in 1-2 sentences how the two align, and why you think this quality creates a desirable employee. the list of attributes (the second table in the article), and reflect on which of these you currently have. Also discuss steps you might take to work towards attributes you currently do not have while on your education journey here at B&S College
5. Provide a reference to the article: A properly formatted title, year of publication, and a retrieval statement.


Values Employees Look For
Values Employees Look For
My learning style is verbal; I prefer using prefer using words, both in speech and writing to learn new concepts and acquire new information. Some of the qualities I have that may be needed by an employee include communication skills, honesty, and technical competency, and work ethic, flexibility, determined and persistent, able to work in harmony with co-workers, eager and willing to learn, time conscious.
The attributes I currently have and are reflected on the table include honesty, technical competency, determined and persistent, communication skills and able to work in harmony with co-workers. 

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