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Week4. Importance of Understanding Donor Preference and Relationship Cultivation Strategies (Essay Sample)


Please select one of the two example studies we read this week: 1) Waters (2009); or 2) Zarcadoolas et al. (2011)
(I prefer Waters(2009))
Please identify the study you are focusing on in the subject line of your post. In the body of the post, identify the communication research method used for the study. Next comment on the quality of the study's sample. Identify the type of sample used and critique its quality. Please be specific and use at least 2 of the criteria outlined this week for evaluating the quality of a sample.
For Waters:
it seems that the co-orientation method was used. This meant that the surveyors assumed the donors and fundraising teams of the health care organizations preferred to use peacefulness/harmony in their exchanges. A survey allowed the researchers to utilize this method.


The Importance of Understanding Donor Preference and Relationship Cultivation Strategies
The Importance of Understanding Donor Preference and Relationship Cultivation Strategies
Waters’ (2009) communication research approach is the co-orientation method. This suggests that the surveyors assumed that the fundraising teams and donors of the health care firms prefer integrating harmony/peacefulness in their exchanges. The researchers also relied on surveys to get new insights for the study. The sample was comprised of 1,706 randomly selected donors from three nonprofit hospitals (Waters, 2009). The participants also included 124 members of the fundraising team who were often hospital staff involved in developing relationships with donors.

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