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Tasks to Hand Over (Essay Sample)

Kindly help me to write a nice letter to my manager in order to convince him to reject the new tasks I've just taken over. Nature of the new tasks: These new tasks are completely time consuming and don't add any value to my work as these tasks can be completed by any assistant who is a good user of Excel (data input, formulas' editing, graphs updates, etc) and don't require any accounting background. Main Issue Currently I'm extremely busy with the year-end audit and taxation and up to date I haven't started working on their requirements taking into consideration that the audit and tax will start in parallel next month. I still need to work on the annual board report. All above have to be translated into Arabic, approved by the audit committee, approved by the board and to be submitted to the regulator by the end of March. Moreover, we are expecting DZIT inspection at any time. Requirement: In order to meet the above deadlines, all what I need is just to hand over back these tasks to Rizwan until April 2013. Regards, Wael source..
I hereby write this letter to request that I be allowed to hand over some of the tasks that have been given to me to the assistants. The tasks to be handed over are time consuming to the schedule of the declines that are required to be met and the tasks can be handled by any assistant in the firm who has good knowledge of excel. From the look of the tasks at the moment with the many requirements of the firm to meet certain deadlines they do not add value to my work and the assistants need only to know how to input data edit graphs and make updates. The nature of these tasks is simple since there is no accounting background required and given the extra amount of work in my jurisdiction on the accounting the firm assistants can perform these tasks that do not require the professional skills of accounting.
The handing over of these tasks comes at a crucial time in the firm when as the accounting department we are faced with deadlines that are demanding and time consuming. The yearend audit and taxation have kept me busy and the requirements of the computation haven`t been started yet. Taking into consideration that the audit and the taxation of the firm start in parallel next month the departm...
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