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Symbolism: The Fabric of Life (Essay Sample)

Symbolism plays a large role in communication, both in individual and corporate settings. Symbols are basic and important in understanding how nations and cultures view themselves collectively, in relation to society and the world. Individuals and cultures have used symbols and myths; stories that address their history, origin, customs, traditions, heroes, villains, etc. since the dawn of time and certainly before the advent of recorded history. Many of these stories commemorated individuals and events in weaving a compelling explanation of belief and identity YOU WILL WRITE an essay in which you will discuss how your chosen symbol is a reflection of individual and societal attitudes, values, and beliefs You will also include a Bibliography/Reference List in APA or MLA-format. You will include a picture of the symbol with your essay. THE SYMBOL I WANT YOU TO CHOOSE AND TALK ABOUT IS (THE EGYPTIAN PYRAMIDS IN CAIRO).since im egyptian. source..

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(30 September 2010)
Symbolism: The Fabric of Life
Fig. 1 King Khufu`s great pyramid. From:
Symbols play a significant role in communication, both in personal and corporate settings. Symbols are basic and significant in the understanding of how nations and different cultures look at themselves and as a group, in connection to the society and the world as a whole. People and cultures have used myths and symbols to make stories that take in hand their historical background, their origin, customs, traditions, villains, heroes, among other things. Since down of time and certainly before the advent of history that is recorded. Among these stories many commemorated the individuals and the events in weaving an explanation that is compelling of belief and the identity. This essay discusses how the Egyptian Pyramids is a reflection of individual and societal attitudes, values, and believes.
Romer (2007) explains that the Egyptian pyramids remain to be one of the most complex and beautiful mysteries of the modern universe. Set against the exotic backdrop of the Egyptian desert, these stone temples hearken many memories back to the pharaohs and mummies days. In the history, there have been many theories that regard to the exact ways in which the pyramids were built.
It has been proved that ancient Egyptian pyramids were not small feat in construction. Other theories have surfaced showing that at least some scholars beliefs in the alien`s pyramids building. One long held believe that relates to the building of the pyramids is that they were constructed via the use of slave labor. It has been revealed by many documents that it took many years to complete one of the ancient Egyptian pyramids as explained by Romer, (2007). It is also shown that according to the tradition for every pharaoh to start on a construction of a pyramid not long after he takes the throne and that the process of building may last almost the entire length of his reign. For example the temple in which King Kut was buried was initially prepared for somebody of a lesser standing as he was not expected for him to die so early. The great pyramid of King Khufu is impressive but not the first one to be built but none was ever been built in the reign of Snefru is as tall as the great pyramid at Giza; they did a perfection of the Egyptian pyramid.
The Ancient Egyptian pyramids had a multitude of uses. They were mainly used as the tombs for burial of the royal family that consisted of Pharaoh, his queens and the offspring. In the modern excavations it has been uncovered that the inside of the Pyramids were almost laid store with a variety of things that the dead in the other life that exists after dead. Some of them are the most ornate and very expensive items that have ever been discovered on the inside of the ancient Egyptian pyramids came from...
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