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One page summary/reflection for each file attached (5files). No title page necessary. I also have to come up with a question about each reading, If you could do that for me, that would be great! source..
Do cultural factors have a greater influence on risk perception than social exposure?
Risk perception can be explained as the intrinsically psychological construct on the felt likelihood of encountering risks when the information offered is at the minimum. Risk assessment on the other hand is an assessment of the actual risk to which one is subject to with reference to past experiences. Risk perception is based on the various sources of information. However, there is heavy influence from internal factors which appear to be inconsistent as one is subjected to the actual risk. These factors include gender, ethnicity and socio-economic status.
Risk perception is to a greater extent influenced by the unique characteristics of the source of potential danger. The general public will place astounding events much highly than less remarkable events even though the later pose more danger to them. For instance, people will underestimate risk of death to everyday events such as car accidents, heart failures/attacks to huge events such as acts of terrorism, firearms and natural disasters. These perceptions can be transmitted from one group to another and hence leading to people panicking of unfounded threats. There exist variations in risk perceptions between groups of people with the key issue being how they define risk. As stated earlier, risk perception relies on an individual`s history of personal experiences, emotional intensity and socio-cultural factors that prevails within the community that the individual lives in. It is from these factors that an individual is able to rate a risk and thus leading to variations in risk perception among different people of different group.
A study was carried with participants from the US, Japan and Argentina that examined cultural differences in risk perception between natural disasters and terrorism. The US participants rated terrorism as the lowest even though it was rated highest in levels of exposures in the past.
Elaine G, Bradley B, (2010). Cross cultural Differences in Risk Perceptions of Disasters.
Does risk taking and risky behavior media content influence the recipients` behaviors?
With social change taking fast, there has been a surge in risk taking and risky behavior materials in the media which include unprotected sex, reckless driving, binge drinking, participating in extreme sports and smoking. Risk taking behavior has been the main cause of fatal injuries among children, adolescents and young adults. For instance, reckless driving has received significant attention for being the main cause of lethal injuries for those between the ages of 10 and 24 years which constitute 10% of all injuries in this age group.
These accidents are mainly caused by behaviors such alcohol consumption, drug abuse, speeding, failing to use safety belts or illegal street racing. In 2000, statistics indicated that there wer...
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