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Social Issue Analysis and Response. Communications & Media Essay (Essay Sample)


The skills you have been practicing throughout the course will be assessed in this paper and conclude with you constructing your own argument on a position. Your argument can be a contradiction, a support, or an alteration of the argument you’ve research. Whichever you choose should be sufficiently supported with materials covered throughout the course and your own outside research.
This assignment should continue with the social issue research conducted in Topic 2
In 1,000-1,500 words
Summarize the position/argument researched and assess it for validity. This positions/argument should be presented in a clear logical form. This includes translating their rhetoric into: premises and a conclusion, identifying the category of propositions, and the quality and the quantity of the parts.
Identify the assumptions of the position by drawing inferences from its communicated proposition to its position regarding human dignity.
Construct a valid and sound argument that contradicts, challenges, or improves the position of the organization.
At least three academic peer-reviewed sources are required for this paper.


Social Issue and Response
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The Ocean Cleanup Project company objectives were noble, and they were attempting a never tried before approach to cleaning the oceans. Attempting to clean the oceans in itself is a big undertaking. Attempting to address the problem with a never before tried technology would be harder. The pioneer of the company and its management must have had assumptions and hypotheses while attempting to achieve their objectives. They were the guiding principles of the mission, and they shaped the strategic direction of the company. The information they disseminated to the public about their mission must have been based on their assumptions and hypotheses. They had to feed the public, investors, and donors with information, and it became inevitable that they had to make many assumptions about their goals. As the project progressed and new information came to light, their earlier information would be fact-checked, and many fallacies emerge. 

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