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Research Project: Communication Styles (Essay Sample)


our research project must be 3-5 double-spaced pages in length and must include a minimum of 5 scholarly references, excluding the course textbook.
All sources must be properly cited in-text and on a separate references page at the end of your paper using correct APA format. Arial 12 font double space.
Your work must be typed and submitted in a single Microsoft Word document to your instructor in the assignment dropbox.
Be sure to keep in mind proper grammar, spelling, punctuation and capitalization. All work you write must be original to you and all sources you use must be cited appropriately.
Research Project Checkpoints throughout the course:
It is required that you follow the system of checkpoints below so that you stay on track with the Portfolio Project and receive feedback from your instructor about your progress throughout the quarter
Complete Research Project Checkpoint #1
E-mail your instructor your proposed end of course project topic
Include a basic outline of what main points and any sub points that will be discussed
Your instructor will work with you to determine if this is an appropriate topic for your project
Complete Research Project Checkpoint #2
E-mail your instructor your reference page with a minimum of 5 professional sources in APA format.
Your instructor will review the reference page so that you may begin implementing feedback
Complete Research Project Checkpoint #3
Submit a rough draft of your paper, including the outline and Reference page.
Your instructor will review them so that you may begin implementing feedback
Complete and Submit Your Final Research Project to Your Instructor.
Submit your end of course project.


Research Project: Communication Styles
COM 310
Research Project: Communication Styles
Communication is an everyday technique and art that has to be honed properly if the intended objectives are to be successful. Being an art, people develop varied degree of impression manipulations, emotionality, questionings, verbal aggressions, precisions, and ultimate expressions. In this regard, communication styles are borne as a manner of indicating the various patterns people follow when organizing their interpersonal relationships. Simply, put, the communication style illustrates how a person will see and judge data they receive or else around them. Effective communication is an art that transcends the mere exceptional use of language. Four communication styles; passive communication, aggressive communication, passive-aggressive communication, and assertiveness communication bring this point to light. The exchange of information among involved parties is a critical tool in many facets of life including technology, economics, and politics. Therefore, it is essential in workplaces where different personalities have to mingle and guarantee the success of the set goals. Even when under the illusion of incapacitation, people can integrate appropriate remedies to improve their communication styles. There exists different communication styles and can improved in case one is less effective in any of them and as a result, enhance the positive communication environment in the workplace.
Passive communication style is evident in people who can be perceived as uninterested in the discussion at hand. Passive communicators are adept to keeping their opinions of the present conversation to themselves or else convey a sense of support to every input of the discussion. On the other hand, insecurity during their speaking durations. For instance, besides much fidgeting, they rarely do make eye and also shrug when asked for input (Novak, 2019). Although it is a great way to keep the peace, it is an ineffective communication style because it limits the number the actual thoughts and ideas shared among the parties involved. Moreover, the passive communicator can begin to feel anxious or depressed and hence, fail to exhume the best version of themselves.
On the other extreme of passive communication style is the aggressive communication style. In this case, the individual is overly expressive of their ideas and opinions and more importantly, in a loud and controlling voice (N.A, 2019). They are less receptive and fail to assimilate the feedback of the other party and particularly, when the response conflicts with theirs. The abusive component of this style makes it an ineffective one as the primary aim of this type of a communicator is to intimidate the listener. This focus supersedes the actual essence of the communication and hence, the entire conversation remains worthless.
Passive-aggressive is a combination of the two styles discussed above. Both have been rendered ineffective and this becomes the case with passive-aggressive communication style. These type of communicators will appear as though they do not care about the topic of discussion although a sensation of anger is present. They fail to confront people with something that is bothering them and are fond of silent treatment. This style is ineffective because it fails to present the issues forthright and hence, the conversation lacks clarity.
Assertive communication style is regarded as the most effective style. This assertion comes about because the style holds hone

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