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Research Brief Introduction & Sample Studies. Essay (Essay Sample)


1.You will write a persuasive and evidence-based introduction for your research brief. The introduction should make a clear case for why your specific topic is important. All claims must be backed with evidence. The text should lead to a clear argument about who can use the findings from the research brief and how. You will also attach the citations and abstracts of 3 primary research studies that you plan on using for the literature review portion of your research brief. This will ensure that your topic is viable based on the current literature.

2.It is very important that you review the Sample Research Brief on Fetal Alcohol Syndrome (FASD) prior to starting this assignment. The introduction portion of the paper encompasses all the text that appears underneath the title of the paper and before the Literature Review heading. You are writing this introductory text only. Evidence for the introduction can come from multiple types of sources; you do not need to rely on only primary research studies for this section. Once you transition into the Literature Review portion of the paper later in the semester, you will be restricted to primary research studies only. At this time, you are only being asked to attach the citations/abstracts for 3 primary research studies that you plan to use in the Literature Review portion of your brief.


Research Brief Introduction
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Research Brief Introduction
Communication is integral in the workplace as it ensures employees understand the company visions and eliminate conflicts. It entails using appropriate words and verbal cues to pass intended and accurate messages (Holmes & Stubbe, 2015). While it might seem a simple endeavor, unfortunately, miscommunication between employers and employees is still a significant issue that hurts productivity. Findings from various focus studies demonstrated the adverse consequences of miscommunication. Of the participants, 52% reported higher stress levels, 44% experienced a delay in project completion, 31% had low morale, 25% did not realize performance targets, and 18% lost sales (Quintanilla & Wahl, 2018). Based on these worrying statistics, it is therefore critical that company managers develop ways of enhancing proper communication at the workplace. 

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