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Reflection Paper: Corporate Social Responsibility. (Essay Sample)


6125 Reflection 
I hope that this coursework has informed this final reflection. Please keep in mind:
This document can serve as a supportive tool during employment transitions or when preparing for new projects.
It is helpful to know where you stand on this work in advance of doing it. 
CR and CSR are not like other fields of work. They are personal. They can feel isolating and empowering. Stakeholders can view the work as useless, critical, a profit loss or priceless. The work can literally save lives and can be cut from organizations with little reason. 
We have explored several different topics across small/ large global/local CSR. You are able to reflect on this course in a way that outlines your individual approach to CSR and CR work. 
CSR as a broad concept: This approach is intended to introduce different approaches to the global industry of CSR. We will address the huge and continuously evolving role of CSR in business through discussion, readings, and ‘non-signature project’ assignments.
 CSR as community relations (CR): This approach will introduce CSR as local, community-centered work. The CR signature project will focus on the tangible work of a CSR/CR manager. The project will focus on a place and organization of your choosing (see below). This may be an organization or community that you are currently involved with, or one that you would like to learn more about. Throughout the course, we will build concepts of CR initiative design. Most weeks, you will be assigned a Signature Project contribution exercise. These exercises will build upon one another to create a final project that you will present to the class.
CR/CSR Portfolio Deliverable:
Please submit a word document addressing the three guided sections below. This is a personal reflection document, so you do not need include any formal references or outside texts.Section 1: Your views
Please respond to these questions as if you were in an interview or presentation, keeping each response to ~10- 100 words. These are questions that you will speak about frequently if you pursue this work. In your view, what is the difference between Community Relations and Corporate Social Responsibility? 
What do you feel is the role of CR/CSR in business?
As a CR/CSR manager, where would you like to see leadership in social responsibility come from? (The public, bottom up company, top down within corporations, a strong economy, regulations, etc.)What limits do you see to this work? OR Does this work break down for you in any particular area(s)?
In your view, what is the strongest example of CR or CSR that you have seen?
Section 2: Your capacity 
Please choose one question that resonates with you. Respond with a short semi-formal reflection essay. References are not required, but feel free to mention material or ideas brought forward in class. I would recommend keeping this to 150-400 words.  As the main stakeholder in your career, please reconsider the following questions:
What is necessary for me in order to represent a company as its public face of social good?
Knowing that my goals may or may not always align perfectly with the goals of a company and of a community, how might CSR/CR integrate with my career goals over the next 5 years?
If I move into CSR/CR, how might I quantify the value of this work to ensure that growth and outcomes = appropriate recognition?
I prefer to work in the non-profit sector. This in mind, how can learning more about CSR and CR help me leverage my professional leadership to best cultivate private partnership support?
Section 3: Your active citizenship
Please choose one of the questions above that resonate with you. Respond with a short semi-formal reflection essay. Though references are not required, feel free to use material or ideas brought forward in class. I would recommend keeping this essay to ~150-400 words. 
We are a global citizen. This course focused on Community Relations at the practically applied small scale, and introduced concepts of Corporate Social Responsibility on a large scale. Consider the following:• What are your 1-2 critical business values?• Do you feel that a company needs to be ‘responsible for’ before it ‘does good’? How do you know if this is happening?• What is a company’s responsibility to the individual vs. the collective?• As a business leader, or when you are a business leader, what might take a higher priority than topics of CSR/CR for you?  • As consumers, is there a realistic balance of good consumer citizenship for everyone? Is there a relationship between privilege, decision and choice in this area? 


Reflection Paper: Corporate Social Responsibility
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Reflection Paper: Corporate Social Responsibility
I n recent years, corporate responsibility has been growing, with the attention focused on values, reflecting how companies are approaching on impacting their customers, employees, and investors. The trend in social accountability results from the increasing political policies in the marketing environment in the quest for community inclusion and environmental conservation. Consequently, through soIn recent years, corporate responsibility has been growing, with the attention focused on values, reflecting how companies are approaching on impacting their customers, employees, and investors. cial responsibility, the corporate sector can positively impact society on all societal aspects (economic, social, and ecological).

Section I
Corporate Social Responsibility is broad, self-regulating business strategies that ensure companies operate in an ethical, social-friendly, and community-beneficial ways CITATION Jam20 \l 1033 (James Chen, 2020). 

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