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Reflection – Interpersonal Communication (Essay Sample)


Reflection Interpersonal Communication course

Course Description
This course focuses on the practical and theoretical concepts of human communication and the styles used in personal, social and professional environments. Students will also acquire skills in critical thinking, perception, listening, verbal and non-verbal expressions and conflict resolution. Students will evaluate their individual strengths and weaknesses in depth and develop techniques for improvement of interpersonal relationships.


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Reflection – Interpersonal Communication
Interpersonal communication is considered an important process by which individuals at every age and level exchange effectual information, meaning with the help of verbal and non-verbal messages, and feelings. However, it is considered as a face-to-face communication entailing different key elements such as the communicators, noise, the message, feedback, channel, and context. The course of interpersonal communication has been very effective and helpful throughout the year. It has helped me to identify the importance of interpersonal communication along with its key skills which are exceptionally required throughout our lives whether it's personal or professional. Similarly, the book used during the course has effectually helped me to find out the three most essential skills as verbal, non-verbal and listening skills, which will result as a great help in terms of the process of preparing for my future career and personal life (Burgoon, Guerrero, & Floyd, 2016). Furthermore, this paper will entail my personal perspective about interpersonal communication and my strength, weaknesses, and techniques required for further improvement of interpersonal relationships.
My experience of this particular course was great because it has helped me out to a great extent by gaining an extensive knowledge based on interpersonal communication. It can be effectually stated that interpersonal communication is considered a key skill while communicating with others in daily and professional lives. As observed, there are various crucial areas of interpersonal communication that makes an important difference and it includes verbal communication, non-verbal communication, listening skills, negotiation, decision-[making, problem-solving, and assertiveness. The course and book have helped me to realize the three most important areas and skills which are required to prepare an effective future. It comprises of verbal and non-verbal communication and listening. According to my personal perspective, these three key topics play a major role and works as a backbone. The course has taught me that verbal communication is deliberated as in what way and which words are used effectively while communicating with several different individuals. I think it substantially the ability to communicate through the correct usage of words in an accurate tone and manner. It is important to keep your tone soft while communicating with the other person. Effective verbal communication is dependent on numerous important factors and they cannot be completely isolated from other important interpersonal skills, for instance, nonverbal communication, listening skills, and clarification. It further consists of effective speaking, conversational skills, giving a speech, reflecting and questioning techniques and skills.
Moreover, while considering non-verbal communication it can be stated that interpersonal communication is much more than a clear meaning of words, messages or messages. It also includes implicit, intentional or unintentional information, expressed through non-verbal behavior. Non-verbal communication includes facial expressions, pitch and pitch tone, gestures displayed through body language and physical distance between communicators. Other key factors include personal appearance

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