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Reading Masih (x2), Painter, Unferth in Field Guide (Essay Sample)


Craft Analysis Discussion 2 Guidelines:Please respond to the following questions in response to the Masih (x2), Painter and Unferth readings with a minimum of 200 words total for all questions. Your craft analysis post should give a sense that you have read widely and should not be focused on just one of the readings. Please include a word count at the end of your post.
1) Note any words or phrases that are unfamiliar to you or that are used in a special sense. Please re-phrase what they mean in your own words. List the chapter (and, if possible, page number) where you found these words or phrases.
2) Note two specific concepts that stand out to you as noteworthy in some way and why. This can be something totally new to you or something that you had never thought about in exactly this way (e.g. seeing it through a new lens). List the chapter (and, if possible, page number) where you found the concept.
3) Using one of the concepts above, create a question you can ask the rest of the class about the concept. Using “how,” “why,” or “in what ways” as your beginning will elicit detailed responses instead of simple answers. Please make the question specific to a question of writing content or craft. Alternatively, if you found item (or items) confusing, puzzling or perplexing in the reading, you can note the item and ask for clarification/discussion.
Reply to 2 Peers' Craft Analysis Discussion 2 posts:
For your response posts, please write two responses to peers (minimum of 75 words in length for each response) as a REPLY to the original post. Your responses should respond substantively to a contribution/observation your peer has made, either by building and continuing with the observation or asking a fresh question related to your peer’s observation. Please respond to different topics and peers for your two response posts. Please post your word count at the end of your response.


Craft Analysis Discussion 2: Reading Masih (x2), Painter, Unferth in 'Field Guide'
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Craft Analysis Discussion 2: Reading Masih (x2), Painter, Unferth in 'Field Guide'
Responses to other students
Response to First student
1) I have enjoyed reading your comment and how you have identified phrases that seemed to trouble you. You have picked a phrase from page 7 and shown what made the phrase interesting, as well as what you think it meant. What I like most about this phrase and what you have written is that you have tried to explain and interpret the phrase. As such, this helps even other students in understanding the phrases. I am among those who have benefited from your interpretation and explanation of the phrase, and so I can all but thank you for the same. You have also picked another phrase from page 9, and this proves that you read the reading well.
2) You have also identified the appropriate concepts as well as how your story relates to the concepts. I like your approach because you have justified and outlined what exactly made the concept interesting. You have also linked the concepts to your field of study, and this helps in better understandin

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