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Rhetorical Speech Strategies (Essay Sample)

The course is Communication 300 and the text we are using is Introduction to Communication Theory: Analysis and Application 4th edition by Richard West and Lynn H.Turner. The question is attached. source..
Running Header: Rhetorical Speech Strategies
Segregation and discrimination on the basis of color and race are human evils that should be discarded and condemned. All persons regardless of their backgrounds should live in harmony and respect. People should enjoy equal rights and privileges and equal manner of treatment. The oppressed should not result to demonstrations and marches. The paper tries to look at the condemnation of segregation and force by John F. Kennedy, the President of the United States of America during his public Civil Rights Address (Kennedy, 1963). The paper also examines the speech strategies he used in order to effectively appeal to all Americans.
Running Header: Rhetorical Speech Strategies
1. Slavery having been abolished in 1864 in America by President Lincoln, many Black-Americans continued to be denied most of their basic political and civil rights. This is a situation that the US president, John F. Kennedy was not happy about. The "Negros" or the Black Americans could result to street demonstrations to express their dissatisfaction and opposition to the discrimination. John F Kennedy in his address to the nation on June 11th, 1963 was trying to appeal to the whole nation to shun racism. The general purpose in the speech was to condemn and show the evils of racism. The main purpose was to appeal to the conscious of all Americans in order to reflect on the negative aspects of discrimination against race and color, the evils associated wit...
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