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Presentation draft outline Communications & Media Essay (Essay Sample)



Continue researching your topic and refine your thesis statement. You should by now have written at least 3 sentences for the main ideas concerning your topic.
Submit the following in outline form:
Thesis statement
At least 2 subtopics for each of the 3 main points
References page (minimum of 3 resources, 1 per each main point)
Complete the outline tutorial exercises provided in the lesson. Spend time learning about outlining and solving your topic organization, sequence, and outline problems. You will also continue working on this outline next week.
i am attaching the work i submitted for thesis statement and main points and now we need to work on the subpoint.


Week 4 Presentation Outline Template



  1. Main Idea
    1. Subtopic
    2. Subtopic
    3. Main Idea
      1. Subtopic
      2. Subtopic
      3. Main Idea
        1. Subtopic
        2. Subtopic


Add more subtopics as needed. Add references on the next page.





Add references.



Week 4 Presentation Outline
Student’s Name
Institutional Affiliatio
Week 4 Presentation Outline
Thesis: Non-verbal behavior, the social context and the interaction between the sender and the receiver of a message influence the non-verbal communication process and message interpretation because they ensure that communication is carried out efficiently and effectively between the parties involved.
1 Main Idea: Influence of non-verbal behaviors on non-verbal communication process and message interpretation
* Subtopic
1 Non-verbal behaviors. They include facial expression, body language, eye contact, gesture, Para-linguistic and posture, which influence how people communicate with signs and signals (Siegman & Feldstein, 2014).

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