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Portfolio Milestone 6 EMG. Earthquake Disaster. Type of Disaster (Essay Sample)


In preparation for submission of the final Portfolio Project, submit an outline of your paper that identifies the following items:
Type of disaster (natural or man-made; intentional or unintentional)
Mitigation tools and impediments to mitigation
Preparedness efforts (local, state, and federal governments; and volunteer groups, or non-governmental organizations)
Response efforts (local, state, and federal governments; and volunteer groups, or non-governmental organizations)
Recovery efforts (local, state, and federal governments; and volunteer groups, or non-governmental organizations)
Communication for response efforts and to affected populations
Future effects and influence on the implementation of emergency management


Portfolio Milestone for Earthquake Disaster
Earthquake Disaster
Type of Disaster
Earthquake is one of the natural calamities that usually strike various parts of the world occasionally. As much as it is a natural disaster, its causes are believed to be influenced by human activities on earth that cause global warming and, eventually, the earthquake. With the current technological advancements, scientists can only calculate the probability of an earthquake occurring in a specific area within an approximation of time. The bottom line is that an earthquake cannot be predicted and has never been predicted by any scientist.

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