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Patient Personas (Essay Sample)


Your client is WebMD, and your team has been tasked with planning a usability test for their site (http://www(dot)webmd(dot)com/). WebMD wants to know both about the ease of navigation of their site and the readability of the individual articles. A coworker has suggested three possible personas to use in the test: • A person with a cough. • A person with cancer. • A person with diabetes. Your boss has suggested you determine whether the personas suggested are appropriate. If they are appropriate, you need to explain why and explain how they should be further developed (e.g., what information they will generate, additional description, appropriate scenarios, etc.). If they are inappropriate, you need to explain why and recommend three different personas. If you recommend different personas, you need to explain how they should be further developed. Consider the following: • What is the role of personas and scenarios in usability testing? • What information will the personas generate? • What will the personas tell you about WebMD’s audience? • How can these personas help you determine usability of the navigation and content of the site? Your recommendation report should be 3-4 double-spaced pages in length.


Patient Personas
It is necessary to understand what the users need, as this then makes it easier to choose features and functionality that meet the user’s needs. For any website to be a success, the information and features ought to support users to meet different goals. The personas are like the target audiences, and the ease in using the sites is also crucial to success. The personas are the archetypal users that guide the site designers, and use the available information to direct the vision with the site offering solutions. The users’ reaction to the website help to establish the functionality links usability and usefulness of the site, whereby the ability of the persona to perform the required tasks improves their reliance on the site.
Both the personas and scenarios capture the main characteristics common to potential users of the site. As such, the guide decisions related to designing the functionality of the websites. The personas and scenarios are also important in usability as they make it easier to identify expectations for the user groups. As site designers understand how users are likely to use the sites, they identify the potential flaws that may hinder functionality and add features. Users have goals and values that influence their decision-making on whether to use a site. In any case, the scenarios depict user experiences, and site designers are able to have features that are appropriate to the audiences.
The scenarios are similar to user tasks and establishing the goal of testing including the features of  HYPERLINK "/" /. Since there is also need for feedback, the design focus takes into account the personas and testing to improve usability of the site. Additionally, having enough information gathered from the usability testing ensures that the details are integrated in the final design of the site. The task scenarios engage the testers, and the designers can then improve the user experience. If the users are not motivated to use the site, this then represents potential flaws in the site design, since usability testing is related to what people do with the site.
The selected personas are patients with a cough, cancer or diabetes, and it is necessary gather information about them. The personas will generate information on what they need from the symptoms to management of the conditions. It is recommended that the mechanisms that characterize the onset of the conditions be better detailed as well as the possible causes. A summary of the information presented on the latter sections of the website is consistent with the need to inform the personas. Webmd, also values the employees who are tasked with detailing the most relevant information useful to the site’s users.
The patient personas seek to understand more about their health conditions, and need the reassurance that the...
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