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New Media Product: Instagram (Essay Sample)


Pick a specific new media product, such as a website, a blog post, a digital film, a digitally streamed television show, a YouTube clip, a web comic, a videogame, an online world, a virtual reality environment, a new type of phone or computer app, or any other product that fits the characteristics of new media.  After you have done so, apply the questions provided below to your chosen product. 

Note: be sure to pick a specific product, and to not use an extremely broad category like “the internet” or “digital movies,” as the object of your study.

Also note: to adequately address this project’s questions, you HAVE to complete the Lister reading.  If you do not do this reading, you won’t understand what this question is about, and your answers will suffer as a result. 

Basic Instructions

  • Double spaced, 12 Point Font.
  • Include a visual image of your product at the end of your paper.
  • Cite the Lister reading, including page numbers, whenever you refer to any of the ideas contained in it.
  • Include a Works Cited.

The Questions

Note: before answering these questions, provide a short paragraph that gives the basic facts about your chosen product and explains which of the six characteristics you will be applying in your analysis of it.

1)     How does the product exhibit four (4) out of the (6) characteristics of new media that are discussed by Lister?  Provide detailed answers that:

  • Use a separate section heading for each of the four (4) characteristics.
  • Explain the nature of this characteristic, including multiple meanings if Lister provides them, before showing how it applies to the product, and then:
  • Show how it applies to the product. 

For your convenience, the six (6) characteristics, of which you must choose four (4) to discuss, are:

  • Digital
  • Interactive
  • Hypertextual
  • Virtual
  • Networked
  • Simulated

2)     In light of your answers to Question 1, what is your personal reaction to:

a) The way the four (4) characteristics affected you at a sensory, emotional, and intellectual level?

b) The larger implications of the “newness” implied by your chosen product.  (This newness is closely related to the characteristics discussed in your previous answers.)

NOTE: Your personal reaction does not have a “right” or a “wrong” set of answers.  Your answers to this pair of questions will be evaluated on a) the clarity and organization with which you express yourself, and b) your ability to describe personal reactions in an unemotional, dispassionate manner.


New Media Product
Student Name
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New Media Product


New media is often defined as digital media that is interactive and that integrates two-way communication. This kind of media is known to involve computing and is associated with easy access, storage, transformation, retrieval, and searching. This type of forum is highly reliable on computers for distribution. Examples include computer games and animation, digital video, virtual reality, and websites, among others. Although the forms of new media are different from each other, they are all highly interactive. New media has six main characteristics: networked, interactive, hypertextual, virtual, digital, and simulated (Lister, Dovey, Giddings, Kelly, & Grant, 2009). Generally, the forum describes content made available through different electronic forms using computer technology. This media has transformed the modes in which content is produced and received. With the world constantly changing as a result of rapid developments in technology, new media is highly reliant on a highly cultured technology that is used to impact and enlighten groups of people globally. While there is a common belief that new media is different and new, a closer examination shows that it is just a transformation of how culture is represented and communicated. Instagram is an example of new media product, exhibiting the key characteristics such as digital, interactivity, hypertextual, and networked features as described in this paper.

Instagram, which is an example of a new media product, is a photograph sharing application that is connected to the internet and other network systems like online communities and identify with the use of the internet (Hu, Manikonda, & Kambhampati, 2014). The application allows its users to create profiles, with the option of making it private or public subject to their inclinations. The created virtual profiles allow users to post photographs or videos and interact with other users through the platform. The data present on the application is dependent on digital computer technology for distribution and is manipulated by a software that allows computerization of media procedures to produce numerous kinds of identical objects. The pictures are subject to alteration using the application's features. Instagram, as a form of new media, has reduced the expanse among societies globally through automated messages. The platform allows people to interact with each other more often, regardless of time and geographical positioning. The interaction, which is as a result of the progression of new media technology, has played a crucial role in the globalization aspect (Flew, 2005). The application exhibits several characteristics of new media such as digital, interactivity, hypertextual, and networked, which are analyzed in detail below.


With the growth and development of digital technology, most of the information is converted, stored, and transmitted in the form of binary codes. Lister et al. (2009) explain that in all processes involving digital media, the response data is transformed into figures. In communication broadcasting, the information takes the nature of represented space, which is analog, such as text, photographs, and videos (Lister et al., 2009). The analog data is then converted and stored as numbers and can be produced in a similar form from virtual sources like Instagram for decoding before being presented to the users. This digital form of Instagram is exhibited in the technological merging of the different forms of information that have been integrated into a single system. The application offers a fusion of text, audio, and visual information as well as using GPS functions and searching for any information through the search option on the application (L...

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