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Nature/Perspectives of my conflict (Essay Sample)

6 Textual citations from the book and 5 textual concepts The Book ISBN # 978-0-07-338513-6 Assignment #1 PT.I NATURE/ PERSPECTIVES OF MY CONFLICT This analytical paper, 6-7 page, (1525 word min.) is designed to explain and analyze the Nature Ch. 1,and Perspectives Ch. 2 of a personal conflict you are currently experiencing. Submit all papers in Microsoft Word as ( STEP 2) attachment in the course assignment drop box. Ch. 1 NATURE concepts include Definition of Conflict,Five Elements of Conflict, Gridlock, Four Horsemen, Escalatory Spirals, Avoidance Patterns, Attack/Withdraw Pattern, Destructive vs. Constructive Conflict. Ch. 2 PERSPECTIVES concepts include Avoidant/Collaborative/Aggressive systems, Personal History, Postive/Negative approaches to conflict, Metaphors, Lens Model, gender filters, cultural filters. Process 1. First, identify a significant conflict you are personally experiencing with one other person. The other person can be a spouse, parent, child, co-worker, boss, friend, in-law, relative. Make sure this conflict is one you'd like to work through for this entire course. 2. This conflict must be on-going (not yet resolved). Here are some examples of conflicts students have analyzed: a. Conflict with supervisor regarding stated and actual job responsibilities b. Conflict with spouse about using 401K to pay off home mortgage early c. Conflict with significant other about ending a relationship or breaking off an engagement d. Conflict with spouse or significant other regarding money or division of household chores/expenses, discipline of children, time spent with relatives. e. Conflict with children complying with house rules, completing chores, grades, money, etc. This conflict can also between you and your adult children. f. Conflict with parent trying to control your choices regarding spouse, job, education, who to marry, lifestyle choices. g. Conflict at work with team member, law enforcement partner, boss, employee, employer. etc. 3. Now, begin writing your first paper. Analyze your perception of the conflict, using the text's definition of the FIVE ELEMENTS OF CONFLICT (a through e below) Be brief and concise in answering each set of questions so the reader can fully understand what happened, how it was perceived, and its consequences. Be succinct (compact expression without wasted words) a. Expressed struggle: When did the conflict start? What caused it? Was it a series of events or one event? Why did it occur? How was the conflict expressed? How often? Verbally? Nonverbally? Overt? Covert? b. Interdependent parties: What binds you together? In what ways do you need the other person? In what ways does he or she need you? c. Perceived incompatible goals: What aren't you getting? What isn't the other person getting? d. Perceived scarce resources: Examples include time, money, property, love, affection, esteem, attention, caring, inclusion, power, self-esteem. e. Perceived interference from others in achieving those goals: In what ways are you interfering with or blocking the other person's goals? How is the other person interfering with or blocking your goals? 4. Describe the other person's view of the conflict, according to the five elements a. Expressed struggle b. Interdependent Parties c. Perceived incompatible goals d. Perceived scarce resources e. Perceived interference from other in achieving those goals. You can do this by (a) directly asking the other party or (b) making your best guesses about how he or she views the conflict. 5. Use a metaphor to describe your conflict, then explain the metaphor. Has the nature of this conflict changed over time? If so, how? How do you feel about the conflict? How do you feel about the other person? How do you think the other person feels about you? What would you like to see come from this conflict? How would you like to see it resolved? source..

PT.1 Nature/Perspectives of My Conflict
A conflict can occur in any type of setting: families fracture, the work place is full of stress, nations struggle and marriages often fail. Conflicts drain energy while adding depression and hopelessness. Psychological and physical abuse of partners, problem drinking and eating disorders also arise from destructive conflict environments. A conflict is an expressed struggle between two or more interdependent parties, and these parties perceive incompatible scarce resources, goals, and interference from other parties in achieving their goal (Pondy, 1992). Perception is an integral part of all conflicts. The aim of this essay is to analyze a conflict that I am going through and this is a conflict with my supervisor which can just be explained as a case of poor communication.
Studying on conflict helps one learn how new responses to circumstances that inevitably arise (Bodine & Crawford, 1998). The conflict under discussion in this essay is that between my supervisor and me over the stated and actual job responsibilities. This section of this essay will analyze my perception of this conflict using the five conflict elements. People who are in a conflict have perceptions on their own feelings and thoughts. Communication is the key element in interpersonal conflict. This is because communication creates and reflects conflict but it is also the vehicle for the productive or destructive management of conflict.
The first element of conflict is expressed struggle. This is about the events leading to the conflict (Wilmot & Hocker, 2011). This conflict with my supervisor began just a few weeks after I began working in that supermarket. I was an attendant then, however, the supervisors used to assign to me various duties every day when I arrived. On that day, the supervisor gave me my duties; however, he gave the same duties to another employee and ended up accusing me for interferin...
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