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Media Publishing and Society (Essay Sample)

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Title: Media Publishing and Society
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The media and publishing companies are undergoing a revolution towards a fully and dynamic publishing semantic. Use of data linked technologies have been important in automating the aggregation, repurposing of integrated content and publishing and the provision of user experience that is improved. Large media companies are therefore putting in place the information work bench as a base for interlinking, authoring and publishing semantic contents that are based on the data link standard.
According to Scarlat & Maxim, organizational development often provide answers to the political, social, technical, economic and cultural changes experienced in the organizations internal and external environments (2009,p.32). However, challenged by globalization, innovations and information management, the organizations therefore have to react accordingly to the way they communicate with their clients. Absence of permanent and professional communication at the level of the organization has made it impossible to change their attitudes on the way they communicate with the consumers. In order to develop and survive as entities , organizations are supposed to improve on their communication since even the transactions that are simple are always based on the communication between the buyer and the seller as this enables an organization to present its products or services , exchange terms and values. In this era of intellectual capital, the resources of an organization that are strategic are often represented by knowledge, creativity and information. All these can be valued with the availability of effective and efficient communication.
Sullivan & Jiang points out that, the emergence of the digital technologies and the internet has made traditional media firms to deal with these rapid changes through looking at the external options such as joint ventures acquisition and simple licensing agreements in order to compete favorably in the global market (2010, p.21).Mass communication has become a more complex procedure as it is based on the diversification of audience. Since organizations need to communicate with its audiences depending on the power they have, therefore the quality of information always depends on the method or channel used to convey the information as the modern means of communication have become faster and efficient. Due to the history of civilization, the surfacing of new technologies such as the internet, smart phones ,table PC`s and social networks has led to creation of new opportunities in terms of changing the way the society uses a particular product and also changes in the institutions working procedures and mentalities. The emergence of new technologies has resulted to the existence of exchanges of bilateral information and high interconnectivity between various organizations and has also ensu...
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