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Mobile Media And Mobile Privatization CCT110 Assignment (Essay Sample)


Topic: Mobile media and mobile privatization. Using the notions of “flow” and “mobile privatization," how are smartphones both different and similar to Citizens Band Radio?
assignment It is to write two different aspects introduction paragraph and a
essay plan Please see the specific documents
My last one assignment Took his post after the feedback said “ you may use the example of CB radio for your essay, however, I would encourage you to go beyond a simplistic comparison of the two technologies. find a social issue related to smartphone usage and explores broader implication for society. " So trouble you in accordance with this idea planning essay Thank you! !


Mobile Media and Mobile Privatization
Student Name:
Course Title:
Part 1: Essay Plan
The selected topic is: Mobile Media and Mobile Privatization. While smart phones and Citizens Band Radio are two very different technologies that were developed at different periods of time, they are both similar in that they were both developed to facilitate personal communication. Smart phones have a significant social impact in the society, for example smart phone apps are being used for mHealth among many other functions (Garner, Sudia & Rachaprolu, 2018). With regard to the selected topic, I intend to use the notions of mobile privatization and flow to write about the differences and similarities between smart phones and Citizens Band Radio. The essay will also focus on a certain social issue related to the use of smart phones and explore broader implications for the society.
Research Question
Using the notions of “flow” and “mobile privatization," how are smart phones both different and similar to Citizens Band Radio?
My Plan
In writing this term paper assignment, the process that would be used is illustrated in the following table:
TaskStart DateFinish DateChoose the topicJan 5th 2018Jan 8th 2018Conduct research to learn more about the topic, including background, current thinking, and futureJan 12th 2018Jan 31st 2018Refine the thesis statement, reflecting back on the selected topicFeb 1st 2018Feb 3rd 2018Develop the outline for the term paper. This acts as a roadmap to help the student know where he is going from point Y to point Z. Feb 5th 2018Feb 15th 2018Write the paper, including the introduction, body paragraphs, and conclusion. The conclusion restates the thesis statement and wraps up the whole term paperFeb 20th 2018March 22nd 2018Present / submit term paperMarch 25th 2018-
Essay Outline
1.0 Introduction
Here, the topic covered in the essay would be introduced briefly. The purpose of the essay would be described succinctly. Furthermore, the areas to be covered in the body of the essay would be mentioned in this section.
2.0 Mobile Privatization
This section will provide a definition of mobile privatization. It will also articulate why this notion is important in relation to this paper.
3.0 Differences between Smart Phones and Citizens Band Radio
The notions of flow and mobile privatization would be utilized in this section to discuss the differences between smart phones and citizens band radio.
4.0 Similarities between Smart Phones and Citizens Band Radio
The concepts of flow and mobile privatization would be utilized in this section

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