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Change of mass media and communication through technology (Essay Sample)

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Change of mass media and communication through technology.
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Mass media was defined by (Splichal, 2006) as all media technologies that are intended to get to a large population through mass communication. Mass communication is a field of study of the various ways through which information is conveyed to widespread audience at the same time. Mass communication is used for entertainment, disseminating news and for advertising. Mass media may involve the use of print media or a broadcast media. Broadcast media disseminates information electronically while media use physical objects in transmitting information. (Splichal, 2006) observes that research in mass communication incorporates media institutions and the effects of media to the society in persuasion and manipulation of the general opinion. Over the years, there has been transformation in the technologies used in media which has led to many effects in the society.
Previously, mass media was consist of eight clearly defined industries that included television, books, magazines, recordings, radio, movies, newspapers and the internet as observed by (Downing, 2004) . This classification have however changed with the emergence of the digital communication technology in beginning of the 21st century and the close of the 20th century have ignited the debate of what should be considered as mass media. Currently mass media technologies are included in the seven media channels. (Downing, 2004) notes that the seven mass media includes; print recording, cinema, radio, television, internet and mobile phones. Mobile phone was the latest to be included in the mass media technology joining the category at the beginning of the new millennium.
Print media is the oldest mass media; being in existence since the late 15th century. Print mass media includes books, newspapers, pamphlets and magazines as noted by (Ramey, 2007). Recordings a wide array of technologies including gramophone records, cassettes, cartridges, compacts disks and DVDs. Recording have been in use from the late nineteenth century although some technologies in this category have emerged later in the second half of the 20th century. (Ramey, 2007) observes that cinema has been filmed from around 1900 while radios have been used since 1910. He further explains that television emerged from around 1950 and was a hallmark invention which combined the power of audio-visual to transform the traditional way of disseminating information. They could bring to the comfort of home motion pictures of an event and even may have been hailed as the greatest invention in the media technology.
(Downing, 2004) observes that internet emerged in the 1990 and has brought great power of disseminating of information. Mobile phone was only included as a mass media technology despite mobile phones being in use since 1979 where they were used for voice communication and in 1993, they were used for messaging. (Downing, 2004) explains that mobile and internet mass media are collectively known as digital media. Before it was categorized as a mass media technology, there was a debate on whether it should be included in this category.
(Ramey, 2007) notes that the issues that raised controversy on whether cell phones are mass media medium included that cell phones are essentially used for two way communication while mass media technology refers to all technologies that are used to disseminate information to a large group simultaneously. However, currently most mobile phones are able to access the internet which is a mass media itself. Despite this capability of mobile phones, there is still a question whether mobile phones should be classified as mass media or whether they are simply a medium to access a mass medium. Transformations have occurred i...
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