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Listening styles upon communication. Communications & Media Essay (Essay Sample)


Book used : Essential Communication, Alder, and IBSN : 9780190095079
Submit an essay in which you analyze the effects of listening styles upon communication with a specific individual.
Refer to the 5 listening styles in chapter 5 and discussed in class. Identify your primary listening style - the one you believe you resort to the most.
Explain why you believe that style to be your primary one (i.e., how does your listening behavior fit the characteristics of the style?)
Choose a person with whom you interact on a regular basis who has a style different from yours. What are the characteristics of that person’s style?
Answer these additional questions in your essay:
What are the pros and cons of each of the two listening styles?
When you communicate with this individual, how do the styles work well together? How do they conflict? Give examples and details.
Describe specific steps you (not the other person) could implement that would address problem areas caused by these listening styles.

Writing Requirements

Length: at least 750 words - this is equal to approximately 3 full typewritten pages, double spaced in 12-point font with 1-inch margins.
I will grade primarily for content, but if your essay has a lot of structural or grammatical errors (especially if they interfere with comprehension), I will ask you to re-write it before I grade it.


Listening Styles in Communication
Student Name
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Listening Styles in Communication
In his book in Chapter 5, Adler, Rodman, and du Pré (2015) discuss five listening styles. One’s attentiveness shapes the five different styles to listening, participation in the conversation, motive of listening, and external and internal factors that influence their listening. Appreciative listening involves listening for enjoyment. Empathetic listening is listening to the pains or hurts that the other person is going through and offering them support and understanding. Discerning listening is useful when one is listening to gather information or knowledge. Comprehensive listening goes beyond just collecting information as it involves understanding and organizing the nuggets of information to make sense out of it. On the other hand, evaluative listening (also selective listening) involves listening and assessing information for decision-making (Adler, Rodman, & du Pré, 2015). Although the listening style that one uses may vary depending on such factors as time and the purpose of listening, my primary listening style is empathetic listening. 
My Primary Listening Style
This unit has helped us to understand the characteristics of the five listening styles, and I believe that my primary style is empathetic listening. It involves listening and then responding to the other person, thus improving mutual trust and understanding. In most of my conversations, this style has helped in building respect and trust, listen to the other party as they release their emotions, reduce tension, encourage the surfacing of information, and creating a safe environment for problem-solving and sharing (Strom, 2020).

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