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Listening Strategies Experiences: Effective Listening In the Classroom (Essay Sample)


These are short papers. As such, you should answer the questions posed in essay format (including: introduction paragraph, thesis statement, transition sentences, conclusion paragraph, etc.).
Read the flowing (short) articles:
“Effective Listening” : http://www(dot)csbsju(dot)edu/academic-advising/study-skills-guide/effective-listening
“In the Classroom” : http://www(dot)csbsju(dot)edu/academic-advising/study-skills-guide/classroom
Choose four of the practices from these articles that stood out to you. Try out these concepts while you listen to a classroom lecture or workplace meeting. Write a short reflection paper in which you define the four concepts and describe specifically how you applied each. What was the outcome? What would you change next time? Set forth a plan for improving your ability to “listen for understanding” in the classroom and/or the workplace.


Listening Strategies
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February 11, 2018
Excelling in academics requires productive study methods. In order to achieve this, it would be best to be able to listen actively and effectively to the teachers to fully process the information. This includes taking down notes in order to retain these information. In the articles about Study Skills Guide, some methods to achieve this were suggested. Amongst all of them, The ones that stuck with me are the concepts of the Five R’s in notetaking. Namely, this includes Recording, Reducing, Reciting, Reflecting, and Reviewing.
The first of them – recording – stands for being able to take down the ideas and facts and carefully record them in a notebook/device. The second R – reducing – refers to the fact that while recording, it is necessary to be able to get the important facts and leave those which are less. The third R – reciting – refers to the process of reviewing the notes using my own words. At times, reciting could also include the active participation within the classroom setting. The fourth R – Reflecting – refers to being able to apply these concepts on the knowledge that you already have. This would definitely increase your comprehension of the subject. Lastly, the fifth R – reviewing – is one of the most important because it lets yourself remember the concepts that you’ve written in your notes.
The reason why this fascinated me is because this seemingly simple technique is forgott...
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