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Diversity And Ethnicity: Learning Ability Socio-Economic Status (Essay Sample)


the course's name is new media, this courses is belong to communication, it is a sophomore's courses, also a homework from the New Zealand. the word count requirements is 300 words, require the writer use the material from New Zealand, which is the require from the professor. please follow the requires to finish the home work. Also, the pdf is the material that you might need to use, you can refer it. please make this work as perfect as possible. thank you sooo much


Diversity among citizens is evident in some features that are race and ethnicity, gender, the learning ability and socioeconomic status and being aware culturally (Cole, 2011). The aim of this paper is to research the importance and the adverse impact of diversity and ethnicity. For example in the media industry lack of female editors in the newspaper industry is a major problem (Koch, McMillan, & Peper, B. 2016). The aim of the research was learning the importance of increasing diversity and also the strategies that could make the activity more efficient.
During the excursion, participant observation was the appropriate method of study. Also, the questionnaires were given out to the citizen for filling. Quasi-experiments were also applied whereby there was a formation of groups between different genders and different races; they were interviewed and asked different questions.
A bigger percentage of the population the workplace was represented by women than men. Although there was indigenous growth in the media industry and the organizations were established, the target was the employment for mainly for the new Zealanders, but the mainstream of the labor force remained the European origin which was a clear indicator of ethnicity and diversity in the industry (Harris,Tobias, Jeffreys, Waldegrave, Karlsen & Nazroo, (2006). The news covered of the New Zealand general elections it was discovered that the press coverage was dictated mostly by the male more than female; moreover, the data stated that women only represented twenty percent in all the traditional platforms of televisions and radio stations (Brammer, Millington & Pavelin, 2007).
Brammer, S., Millington, A., & Pavelin, S. (2007). Gender and ethnic diversity among UK corporate boards. Corporate Governance: An International Review, 15(2), 393-403.
Cole, M. (Ed.). (2011). Education, equality and human rights: issues of gender,'race', sexuality, disability and social class. Routledge.
Eagly, A. H., & Chin, J. L. (2010). Diversity and leadership in a changing world. American Psychologist, 65(3), 216.
Harris, R., Cormack, D., Tobias, M., Yeh, L. C., Talamaivao, N., Minster, J., & Timutimu, R. (2012). The pervasive effects of racism: experiences of racial discrimination in New Zealand over time and associations with multiple health domains. Social science & medicine, 74(3), 408-415.
Harris, R., Tobias, M., Jeffreys, M., Waldegra...
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