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Is the Japanese anime safe for Children or Adolescent to watch (Essay Sample)


To prepare you for your first full draft of your Evidence Evaluation Paper, submit a two-page version of your first draft. You may write in informal or unpolished prose, but you should be writing sentences and not just creating a bulleted list. In these two full pages of writing, try to lay out your main argument and integrate some support for your points from your Reading List sources. However, this exercise should be largely written in your own words; don't just insert lengthy paraphrase or direct quotes from your sources. Use this time to start composing your argument and structuring how you will make and support it in paper form.
You will be submitting your work through Turnitin, so please use some form of in-text citations for any source you reference (just the author's last name or a URL in parentheses is fine in this case, since we will have full citations in your Reading List) so that we will know when you are referencing a source from your Reading List. This assignment should be written in double-spaced 12-pt Times New Roman font with 1-inch margins, but you do not have to worry about adhering to any other parts of APA formatting just for this assignment.
With this paper you will make an evidence-based argument on your topic in narrative format. This paper must have a clear and effective argument, must make good use of high-quality information sources as evidence, and must be properly cited in APA style (which for this Informal Draft, as noted, are adjusted somewhat). We avoid calling this assignment an argumentative or persuasive paper because such papers often rely on rhetoric, while we want to emphasize the need to rely on the evidence at hand. However, being narrative in style, you also are given the opportunity to refer directly to yourself (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. and to your own experiences as you navigate the data, while still relying on evaluation of that data, in order to come to your conclusion(s).
The Reading list that I mentioned before, is a list of reference that I will use for this project. Pls, use those article (you might not be able to open the links that contain UNCG).
I would like you to argue the topic by the culture difference between the US and Japan; importance to do the PG rating of the Anime and the negative effects for children to watch too many anime. Also, if you can find other sources to support your point, I will be happy to pay the extra money!


The Japanese Anime
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Japanese pop culture has been increasing its foothold in the American market in recent years. This infiltration has been through, mainly, the anime (computer generated – animated cartoons) which are significantly different from American made anime. The latter promotes the American culture and, mostly, has a happy ending whereas the former promotes violence and alienated hardcore cultural traditions.

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