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Intro to communication & Information Communications & Media Essay (Essay Sample)


1. Choose one of the three terms
2. Find journals with peer review in the Rutgers library.
3. three sanctions
4.APA format
5. No more than 3.5 pages
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Introduction to Communication and Information PP
Student’s Name
Selective Exposure Theory
The paper evaluates how the way Selective Exposure Theory is used in communication. Special attention is given to a research article that looks at Selective Exposure in the era of Social Media. The effect of social endorsements will be addressed on how they facilitate the theory of Selective Exposure. The second part will look at how Selective Exposure theory is used in mass media. Finally, the paper will show how Selective Exposure affects an individual on a personal level.
Part One
Rationale, methods, result, and discussion
The article looks at the effect of Selective Exposure in the era of Social Media. The research paper seeks to show that social endorsements have an impact on the way Americans consume news through social media channels. Types of social media channels that have been mentioned in this paper are Facebook and YouTube, amongst others (Messing &Westwood, 2014). The article explains that social media gives consumers a choice on the following on a similar story of different kinds of social media.

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