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Individual Report Communications & Media Essay Paper (Essay Sample)


In a relatively brief (~2-3 page) written reflection, each individual team member must identify at least 2 findings of your perception survey you feel were significant (e.g. insightful, unexpected, etc.). If desired, you may also opt to discuss at least one survey finding and one finding from your research to construct the cultural snapshot. After discussing these items, briefly explore how what you learned over the course of their group analysis has implications for the larger issue of diversity and intercultural interaction at UB, particularly as it relates to your team’s chosen group. Whenever appropriate, your reflection should utilize points from the findings obtained through your team’s field research to support your points/positions.
Though you are strongly encouraged to discuss your perceptions of the survey findings when tabulating your surveys to compile the survey & field research report, each team member is required to write and submit their own unique individual analysis.


Individual Report
We carried out a survey that mainly focused on College Seniors as the cultural group. The survey generalized all genders, years and majors who participated in filling out the survey. The survey objective was to establish ongoing trends on how students spend their time on social media. Besides, the survey also sought to establish how the usage of social media changed among college students throughout their course careers. The survey had some surprising and insightful findings. Determination and evaluation of the perception of people on social media were vital in the establishment of its alignment with the stigma of college students who enrol in their senior years.

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