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Describe The Importance of Catoptric Lamp to Cinema (Essay Sample)


Choose one pre-cinematic invention mentioned in the Henkes film. These include the Zoopraxiscope, Catoptric Lamp, Fantasmagoria, Daguerrotypes, Talbotypes, Chronophotograph, Kinetoscope, Cinematographe, Vitascope. Describe the invention and its historical context and explain its significance to cinema.
The above is the subject. This course is about the kind of film history, the teacher gives a few terms to choose one to write a composition, 200 to 250 words.


The Importance of Catoptric Lamp to Cinema
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The Importance of Catoptric Lamp to Cinema
A catoptric lamp is known as the subset of optics that deals with forming images by using mirrors. This is the predecessor of the magic lamps and xenon bulbs. The magic lantern led to the commercialized version of the visual culture today. While the xenon bulbs are typically used in majority of lamps today.
Without the invention of catoptric lamps, the way films are shown in cinemas will be different or it will not be as efficie

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