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Human Sex Trafficking, Statement of Purpose, Current Problem (Essay Sample)


Human sex trafficking in America
In addition to a formal cover letter that describes your proposal project, the proposal must include the following components in APA-style format:
• Transmittal letter (cover letter that describes your proposal project)
• Title page
• Table of Contents
• Informative abstract
• Body of your paper (including the introduction, statement of purpose, current problem, proposed plan, literature review, research methods, results/findings, and conclusion/recommendations)
• Primary research (discussed in your methods and results/findings)
• Headings
• Reference page
• Appendix (this is where to include your survey or interview questions)
Body of your paper (including the introduction, statement of purpose, current problem, proposed plan, literature review, research methods, results/findings, and conclusion/recommendations).
For your final paper in this course, you will be writing a formal proposal paper that will be solving a problem, improving a situation, or satisfying a need related to your field of study. Research is an important component to this paper, so be sure to select a topic that is researchable (mostly through primary sources). You may need to spend some time researching your field of study to gain an understanding of areas in which further research could be done. Please review the technical communications rubric for specific grading requirements.


Human Sex Trafficking In America

Sex trafficking is a heinous act which deserves the world's attention. In the US, the issue has been downplayed to the point where it is made to seem like a non-issue. However, the truth is that greedy individuals are stealing the future of young girls and boys and selling it to promiscuous individuals who seek pleasure even at the expense of young lives and bright futures. The main goal of this study was to establish the extent of sex trafficking in America. As per the results, the country needs prompt plans and apt laws which can help save the lives of people who are either shipped offshores or taken to different parts of the country to pleasure fellow men. The situation is sickening, the numbers are shocking, and it is time the US takes a stand against sex trafficking. The country cannot afford to stay silence anymore.
Human Sex Trafficking In America
Kabance (2014) refers to human trafficking as “modern-day slavery,” and many would agree that she hits the nail on the head with her choice of words. Human trafficking is one of the most extensive and heinous crimes the world has ever witnessed. It occurs in two forms: sex trafficking and labor trafficking and in both cases, people with basic human rights are treated as objects, and a means to an end. This scourge is not just a global issue because even in the United States, the reports have been appalling. Sex trafficking business in America has been thriving over the years, and currently, it is one of the most lucrative business options. People have stooped to the level of trafficking fellow human beings purposefully for sexual exploitation. Moreover, the perpetrators behind sex trafficking often target children which makes the situation sad. Teenagers and young adults have been enslaved while others have been forced into prostitution. These children have seen their dreams and aspirations squashed with greedy men whose love for money supersedes their regard for humanity. Sex trafficking is a heinous crime and America together with the international community needs to institute tougher laws as well as repercussions for the sex trafficking perpetrators.
Statement of Purpose
This research paper seeks to establish the extent of sex trafficking in the United States. Sex trafficking is not always on the national news channels, but it is evolving and developing into a major issue. The negligence by the federal government is quite astonishing, and the silence on the matter is indeed loud and unsettling. However, this research study seeks to develop a state-by-state analysis of the issue of sex trafficking while also recommending the appropriate course of action.
Current Problem
According to the International Labor Organization (ILO) (2012), profits accrued from human trafficking are approximately $32 billion. This is a lot of money and goes a long way in explaining why the perpetrators of this scourge are not relenting. According to the United Nations Office of Drugs and Crime (UNODC) (2012), of the total number of people trafficked annually, 58% are specifically for sexual exploitation. A visit to the website reveals shocking statistics. So far in 2017, the number of sex trafficking cases reported in the US stands at 3,186. In 2016, the number was 5,593, and these only represent the cases which are reported which means that this number could be even higher. These are disgusting statistics which sadly never get to the mainstream media. Sex trafficking has been downplayed for a long time, and it is only right that the public is made aware of these numbers. Young girls get separated from their families and deprived their futures. Concrete p...

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