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Final Part 2 District 9 Movie Analysis. Communications & Media Essay (Essay Sample)


Pick FOUR questions to answer, with a minimum word count of at least 300 words for each answer. Each question is worth 4 points. I already picked up the questions and the materials. There are 7 reading materials and 3 films.
Each of your answers must use at least two quotes from the assigned weekly readings. Do not write the title of the article in your answer from the assigned texts, however, do include the page numbers in parenthesis.
You are allowed to use some of the material that you wrote in your weekly critical reflections if the material is relevant to the question — ie if you wrote about an idea that fits the exam question, you can repeat the idea in your answer, but you cannot simply copy and paste paragraphs as answers from your weekly reflections. You may, however, re-use quotes that you picked out to use in your critical reflections if fitting.
1. Analyze District 9 with Stuart Hall’s concepts of identity, difference, continuity, and hybridity.
Materials: Film: District 9 (2009), directed by Neill Blomkamp (available on Netflix)
Stuart Hall.pdf & Neoliberalism_Aliensand_District9.pdf & Alien Identities: Exploring Difference in Film and Fiction.pdf
2. Analyze how different aspects in the film District 9 reflect an analysis of neoliberalism, either in the article by Wagner or Sessen. Do you see aspects/scenes/characters in District 9 that touch upon other themes and texts discussed in unit 2? Elaborate.
Materials: Film: District 9 (2009), directed by Neill Blomkamp (available on Netflix)
Neoliberalism_Aliensand_District9.pdf & When-National-Territory-is-Home-to-the-Global.pdf

3. Analyze how Zhao Liang’s film Behemoth reflects globalization and internal migration. Pick out specific scenes. Use the assigned texts to support your answer.
Materials: Film: Behemoth (2015), directed by Zhao Liang (Netflix)
Policing and racialization of rural migrant workers in Chinese cities.pdf & When National territory is Home to the global.pdf
4. Analyze the film Tangerine and how it relates to both of the texts by Lauren Berlant and Anne Kustritz.
Materials: Film: Tangerine (2015), directed by Sean Baker(Netflix)
Chapter 6 - Diva Citizenship - The Queen of America Goes to Washington City - Berlant.pdf &
Homonational, Queer Nation, Glam Nation- Adam Lambert and American National Imagery - Queering ParaHomonational, Queer Nation, Glam Nation- Adam Lambert and American National Imagery - Queering Paradigms 3.pdf


Final Paper Two
Institutional Affiliation
Final Paper Two
Q. 1. District9 Movie Analysis
District9, a sci-fi movie tells a story of culture and identity in a post-colonial South Africa. The film features the conflict of identity that exists between humans and the “other” group who are not considered humans. This “other” is a group of aliens that are not allowed to mingle or reconcile with the race of humans in South Africa. Throughout the film, Hall’s concepts of identity, differences, hybridity, and continuity. Hall (n.d.) defines differences who we have become after the history has shaped us. He writes, “…differences that constitute what we really are…what we have become…” (p.4). In the film, South Africans treat the aliens as the “other” and cannot allow them to mingle into the community. The history of apartheid has shaped them to reject foreigners, lest they experience another racial discrimination that they had endured for years.

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