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Introduction to Media and Film Studies MF 101, Section 1 (Essay Sample)


Skidmore College
Introduction to Media and Film Studies 
MF 101, Section 1
Professor Aaron Pedinotti
Summer 2019
Final Exam
Due Date: Thursday, August 1 by the end of class
Method of Submission: email,
Provide a double-spaced, 12-point font response that is two-to-four (2-4) paragraphs in length for two (2) out of the twelve (12) short answer essay questions.
Provide a double- spaced, 12-point font response that is one to one-and-a-half (1-1.5) pages in length for one (1) out of the four (4) screening-related questions. 
Proved a double-spaced, 12-point font response that is two-and-a-half-to-three (2.5-3) pages in length for the long answer essay questions.
Provide in-text citations for all major points and examples derived from readings, as well as for any quotations.  Credit will not be awarded for answers that fail to do this (but you do not need to include a bibliography; it’s unnecessary for a test).
Point Breakdown:
Each short answer question is worth twenty-two (22) points.
The screening question is worth twenty (24) points.
The long answer essay question is worth thirty-two (32) points.
Two points about this exam:
Because our readings from Boyd’s book were extensive and involved multiple chapters, I have provided page references for those questions. Since the other readings were shorter and the relevant passages are easier to locate, I have not done the same with them.


Final Exam
Student’s Name
Institutional Affiliation
Final Exam
Short Answer Question
Question 3a.
In the high school context, drama is more prevalent than bullying. From the perspective of high school teens, bullying only happened in middle school. Besides, high school teens consider themselves too mature for bullying (Boyd, 2014, p. 127). Boyd (2014) adds that high school teens now engaging in different practices, although such practices are commonly considered as bullying by adults. Examples of such practices include gossip and rumors, pranking, drama, and punking (Boyd, 2014, p.127). Instead of bullying, high school kids associate more with drama, arguing that they often launch counterattacks in instances of drama, as opposed to bullying which is one-sided (Boyd, 2014, p.127-8). Boyd (2014) notes that, as opposed to bullying, there no immediate targets and abusers in drama, with both sides of the conflicts actively participating in the attacks. Boyd (2014) defines drama as characterized by artistic, social performances that normally occur in the presence of a charged audience, mostly on social media (p. 138).
Question 3b.
Teens engage in drama as a way to be entertained and ease boredom. For instance, Boyd (2014) highlights Samantha’s perspective who acknowledges initiating drama on social media as a means to break the monotony from her school homework (p. 138). Additionally, being involved in drama helps high school teens evaluate the strengths of their friendships and examine their popularity among their peers (Boyd, 2014, p. 138).
Question 3c.
Teens use gossip to create social dramas and establish their social status in school. Teens use gossip as a means to extend and maintain social categories, alienating themselves from others in an effort to elevate themselves in popularity by gossiping about others (Boyd, 2014, p. 142). Social media is critical in the spread of gossip. Boyd (2014) observes that social media can spread gossip to wide audiences in an increasingly easy way (p. 145).
Question 11a.
According to Boyd (2014), the concept of Digital Natives describes people who have been born and brought up in the digital age of technology, with familiarity, understanding, and prowess in the digital language of computers, the internet, and video games, alienating others as ‘Digital Immigrants’ (p.177-9).
Question 11b.
Boyd (2014) argues that the broad classification of digital natives as being characterized by young people born in the digital age and with innate technical skills as flawed and misleading. Boyd (2014) points out that not everyone in the youth population is adequately and equally prepared for the digital era and that individual privileges determine their levels of expertise. Additionally, Boyd (2014) asserts that the earlier definition of digital natives ignores the prevalence of digital inequality within the youth population and without the necessary intervention; the inequality is bound to persist (179-180).
Question 11c.
A tech-savvy person
Screening Questions
Question 3a.
Contemporary pundits in America are known to contribute their views and ideas in various media platforms, including radio, television, print, and internet. Letukas (2014) notes that pundits have a significant influence on the American media, giving their insights on various issues, shaping public opinion, and creating controversies in regards to various public and political dimensions (p. 4). Specifically, pundits are known to create opinionated information meant to further specific political agenda, giving the contemporary American news environment a unique chance to publicize issues commonly regarded as non-partisan (Letukas, 2014, p. 6-7). The inclusion of pundits in the contemporary Amer...

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