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Explaination Paragraph Communications & Media Essay (Essay Sample)


Explain the rise and fall of Saturday morning cartoons using this video https://www(dot)youtube(dot)com/watch?v=e1LO5887HVg and a little bit of research. Are there any media-based rituals that still exist today that bring society together despite the popularity of cable cutting (weekly, yearly, biennially, etc.)? List a couple of examples and discuss the role advertisements have in those experiences. Wrap up this reflection by thinking about your own experience with advertisements, particularly with television and then with other media consumption. Have they ever been too invasive? Have they ever been surprisingly effective?


Saturday Morning Cartoons
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January 29, 2021
It is the weekend morning; you got this excitement flowing in your body to watch cartoon because the class is over and there is nothing to do. You get yourself comfortable waiting for your favorite cartoon to start. These moments of one's childhood may be the happiest part because no one's stopping you from watching your favorite Saturday cartoon, plus you have no responsibilities to worry about. The memories of watching a cartoon in the morning are indeed one of the best parts of one's childhood. Today Saturday cartoons are not gone but have transferred or divided to different times slot in the whole week CITATION Toy18 \l 1033 (Toy Galaxy, 2018). Also, they have become more educational because of government regulation. In this article, the author will explain the rise and fall of Saturday morning cartoons and how businessmen run their ads to children.

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