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Effective Game Worlds: Effective Gaming (Essay Sample)


This is a solo assignment.
Write an argumentative essay on ONE of the following topics:
* Effective Game Worlds
* Inclusive Game Design
* Reasonable Challenges
State a thesis that pertains to one of the above topics. Now make an argument for that thesis. You have freedom to explore/interpret the subject, but don’t stray too far from the core topic.
Your paper should frequently reference as many of our guest speakers as possible, comparing and contrasting their philosophies with those of your subject.
The paper is 950 -1000 words, not counting headings and sourcing 
The paper must be properly sourced using APA standards.
Electronic submission only to the appropriate Assignment dropbox folder
Your paper should be a Microsoft Word doc or PDF. No other format will be accepted.


Effective Game Worlds
Institutional affiliation
Effective Game Worlds
In the creation of games, believability and immersion form the center stage. Games require a great story behind them so that they can keep a gamer actively engaged in the imaginary world which the story could have created (, 2014). It is for this reason that when a game is being created, a great emphasis should be the target gamer for relevance to be achieved. This paper seeks to highlight the importance of effective gaming with a special reference to the prevailing rules and principles in which they are based.
There is great use of graphics in the creation of video games. This is what the player sees and as such involves the environments, the lighting and the characters involved in the entire game. The more the hardware advancement, the more the graphics advance too. It is from this fact that the designers of video games should be concerned about how to make their games more interesting. Video games are supposed to be full of hyper-realistic experiences so that the players get the thrill and in the moment get immersed in the experience (, 2014).
A game is supposed to be challenging to the player even though it should not be impossible to reach the end. Players always love to be challenged to the end. A game which is too simple to get a solution is boring since players do not get that feeling of accomplishment. It is vital to note that different gamers enjoy different games (, 2014).
According to Clare (n.d), there are four basics when designing a game, namely: the user experience; the experience of the player; context and the differences that exist between escape games and video games. A game is like a puzzle that should be unfolded. In this case, a puzzle is a logical and a static challenge in which players are expected to solve with the aid of clues which are availed. The static nature of the puzzle requires a player to make the initial move for it to be relevant based on how it is programmed.
Games require a flow to make sense. This is not usually the case with all games. Some games could be complex and in the end become boring. As a principle, there should be no obstacles to the entry of the game (MacIsaac, 2018). The player should be equipped with initial information about the game and the expected outcome so that he can utilize the clues to uncover the hidden secret. The game should be encouraging to the player. This can be enhanced by lighting, contrast and juxtaposition. An effective game should give players a chance to enjoy their success. Players are expected to recollect their thoughts as they play the game. They can either win or fail in their quest and as such, the designers of the games are expected to understand the degree of difficulty in the game and the desired

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