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Diversified Energy (Essay Sample)


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(21 March 2012)
Diversified Energy
The leadership quality is one among the most crucial features in defining the endurance and achievement of sets and business associations. While technologies significantly contribute to an increase in output, no proportionate remuneration has been offered to the technical operators of such equipment. According to Fiedler, F., 1987, it is so hard to think of a world that lacks a leader just as it be difficult for Diversified Energy Corporation to run without the availability of particularly Jack Armstrong, the Operations Manager and Luke MacNamara who is the Project Leader in the company. This is because these two and the other five not mentioned are depended upon by the corporation in directing and leading the rest of the staff members of Diversified Energy Corporation.
It is without doubt that the safety and achievement of whichever state or body greatly depends on a decent and active headship. According to history, leadership qualities have continued to determine the success or failure of many companies and states. When seeking to employ or elect a leader to a certain company or state, only those with good leadership traits should be selected to fill the position. In order for Jack to handle the conflict in his team, he should first bear in mind that the manner in which members liaise with one another, governance and the public, and the degree of their obligation to Diversified Energy Corporation relies so much on the way he manages them and directs them.
Jack has to talk to Bud individually about job commitment and working first for the success of the business rather than him minding only about his pay. He should also borrow a leaf from CITATION Dou60 \l 1033 (McGregor, 1960), author of The Human Side of Enterprise, who recommended his well-known X and Y theory. When it comes to motivation of staff in the management field, Jack has needs to focus on organizational progress and culture in order to have positive techniques and styles of management. The X and Y theory is a constructive and artless cue of the normal rules to govern people, which are very effortlessly overlooked under the stress of everyday industry. McGregor's indications propose two ultimate methodologies to handling individuals. Several leaders incline to Theory X and commonly receive poor fallouts. Open-minded leaders practice Theory Y hence producing better enactment and outcomes which enable individuals to produce and progress. Ideally, workers and leaders should always be motivated and geared towards utilizing the beneficial values featured in theory Y, and practically shun from exercising theory X.
Since he is the Operations Manager, he needs to ensure by all means possible that the objectives of their Summer Retreat Operations Planning are met by assigning duties to the specific expertise as is required by the project. In order to make decisions on how b...
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