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Descriptive Essay: Generations. Communications & Media Essay (Essay Sample)


COMM 114
Assignment #1: Descriptive Essay
Length: 2 pages (minimum)/ 3 pages (maximum) – not including title page and references page. Be sure to double space your essay.
Using author, Marina Keegan’s Essay “The Opposite of Loneliness” as a starting point, you are going to
write an essay in which you describe your generation. You’ll need to focus on a few key
characteristics to write about that you are able to substantiate with descriptive
evidence. In other words, if you were to write about your generation being obsessed
with technology, you would need to describe that obsession and what it looks like, as
well as examples that suggest this is true, not just your opinion. That being said, I really
encourage you to consider other characteristics of your generation to explore that may
be less obvious than technology.
Aside from being an essay in so far as it must have an introduction, body, and
conclusion, as well as elements such as topic sentences, transitions, and such, you are
really working on your descriptive writing ability. Be sure to include metaphors, similes,
and descriptive language where possible. Be creative and try to avoid relying on cliché
metaphors. Develop your own.
Your essay should be three pages in length, double-spaced. Format your paper using the
APA formatting guidelines, described in the Cites and Sources: Documentation Guide or
any other APA guide you might have access to.
Follow the APA format, including in-text citations, signal phrases and a complete list of references.


Descriptive Essay: Generations
Due Date
Descriptive Essay: Generations
Marina Keegan’s essay The Opposite of Loneliness is nothing if not inspiring. The essay is to the young people, those who the society believes are out of touch or are rebels. Marina is simply telling them not to despair because they are still young and the world is there for them to conquer. “We’re so young. We can’t, we MUST not lose this sense of possibility because in the end, it’s all we have.” These are words that my generation will indeed subscribe to because a lot has been said about my generation. Some call us digital natives, others say we do not like reading, others say we are rebels, and still, there are some who say we dislike connectivity. Well, I will not try and defend my generation and say we are different. Actually, I believe some of these attributes fit us quite perfectly. However, the question I would like to ask is whether being a digital native bad? What is wrong with being a rebel?

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