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Gay and Lesbian Culture (Essay Sample)

I am a paramedic student and the whole content of this paper should be related to the job of a person as a paramedic. I Want to choose the Gay/ lesbian culture, but if you think another culture would be easier and better to write about then you can do so. I will attach the rubric so you get the sense of what i am looking for Relevance  to  EMS  World   (makes  connection  and  application   of  content  to  paramedic  context)   1   Makes  no   application  to   EMS  world   2   Makes  weak   application  to   EMS    world   3   Makes   application  to   EMS    world,   even  if  less   than  believable   4   Makes   believable   application  to   EMS    world   5   Makes   frequent  and   believable   application  to   EMS    world   Engagement  of  Subject   (depth  of  thought,  introspection,   exploration,  etc.)   1   Demonstrates   no  effort  &   thought  in   engaging   subject   2   Demonstrates     weak  effort  &   thought  in   engaging   subject   3   Demonstrates   adequate   effort  &   thought  in   engaging   subject   4   Demonstrates   good  effort  &   thought  in   engaging   subject   5   Demonstrates   a  superior  level   of  effort  &   thought  in   engaging   subject   Grammar,  Spelling  &  Format   (sentence  structure,  use  of   commas,  semi-­‐colons,  etc.,  spelling   adherence  to  Canadian  dictionary   sources,  adheres  reasonably  close   to  word  count)   1   demonstrates   numerous   uncorrected   spelling,   grammatical  &   formatting   errors   2   demonstrates   frequent   uncorrected     spelling,   grammatical  &   formatting   errors   3   demonstrates   occasional   uncorrected     spelling,   grammatical  &   formatting   errors   4   demonstrates   few   uncorrected     spelling,   grammatical  &   formatting   errors   5   demonstrates   no  uncorrected     spelling,   grammatical  &   formatting   errors   Strength  of  References  (uses   appropriate,  reliable,  recognized   sources.    eg.  Wikipedia  is   considered  a  less  than  reliable   source.)   1   Uses  no   reliable   sources  or   makes  factual   statements   without   appropriate   referencing   2   Uses  one   reliable  source,   appropriately   referenced     3   Uses  two   reliable   sources,   appropriately   referenced   4   Uses  three   reliable   sources,   appropriately   referenced   5   Uses  four  or   more  reliable   sources,   appropriately   referenced source..

Gay and Lesbian Culture
Institutional Affiliation
Gay and lesbian culture represent a whole concept and lifestyle of the gay and lesbians in our society. In some of the cultures of the world, the idea of being engrossed to somebody of identical sex is not only defined as behavior, but also the way people identify themselves. One has to know his or her gender identity to know if they are a gay or lesbian. This personal sense of identity may not match the biological sex, the society’s perception toward a person or the manner in which they present themselves to the world. In the recent times, people have opened up to the idea of gays, lesbians and being bisexual. For the basic of necessities, people are entitled to proper medical care and immediate response to emergency services regardless of their sexual orientation. However, these groups of people have experienced disappointment of the mass culture, as some people do not approve of their behavior (Cowan and Cowan, 1998).
It is the responsibility of the medical and the paramedics in particular to ensure that appropriate medical care is provided to all. The paramedic society should work hand in hand with the local community to ensure rapid response to any distress call of any nature by the gay and lesbians. Studies in the recent times have shown that the gay and lesbians suffer a higher rate of anxiety, depression and mental health illness. In fact, studies have shown that the gay and lesbian communities are about eight times more likely to commit suicide than the other community members are. Such statistics paint a gloomy picture of the situation at hand and hence the need for the paramedics to be equipped with the right equipment for a faster and effective response (Wells and Boes, 2000).
Therefore, it imp...
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