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Concert Review: The Hershey Symphony Orchestra (Essay Sample)


PLEASE REFER TO THE FACULTY OF ARTS HANDOUT ON PLAGIARISM DISTRIBUTED WITH THE COURSE OUTLINES. Failure to document your sources is a violation of the Student Code of Academic Conduct and is subject to penalty. Every use of or reference to another’s work must be documented. Short quotations, paraphrasing, and long quotations must all be fully referenced, in Chicago format.
Formatting: Assignments are to be 2-3 typed, double-spaced pages (550-750 words). Use 12-point font, no extra spaces between paragraphs, and number your pages.
Choose a Symphony concert in America (2016-2017).
*Please indicate which concert you choose(Name of concert, artisit name, location, when)
Document the concert Who attended? What are the demographics of the audience? Do they appear to be the typical audience for this kind of show? Are they familiar with the performer and the chosen repertoire, or is it a brand-new experience? Describe the setting of the performance; what are the surroundings like? How does the environment affect the performance? Is there a high level of interaction between performer and audience or is there an obvious divide? Is the performance formalized, with an emcee, attentive listening, a scheduled program, or is it more improvisational? What factors determine the progression of the performance? What technical factors are influencing the performance? What kinds of pieces were performed? What was the audience response to these pieces? How would you describe the style of music? What instruments did you see onstage? Discuss the music using terminology from class.
After documenting the details of the performance, dedicate a section of your report to analyzing the wider context of the performance. Is there a musical culture or subculture evident at this performance? Who makes up that culture? What external factors, such as Toronto’s urban environment, the music industry infrastructure, and the venues available for this genre of music determine the nature of the performance? Is there evidence of sociological and political forces governing the performance and reception of music? Situate the music culture you have encountered within the broader context of Toronto’s music scenes.
But keep in mind your first priority is to inform your readers about the concert.
Any external sources used for research purposes must be documented, as should programs, recordings, and conversations with fellow attendees or performers. Students may use artist and venue websites for information.


Concert Review
Author Name
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For over 30 years, the Hershey Symphony Orchestra has wowed music lovers across Pennsylvania. On July 3, 2017, I got a chance to attend the Hershey Symphony Orchestra, which invited the community to celebrate the Independence Day. I reached the Penn State Milton S. Hershey Medical Center at 7:00 p.m., half hour prior to the actual time of the concert. The overall environment was quite appealing and pleasant. Right at 7:30 p.m., the orchestra’s performance began, and I was very excited to see the surroundings as well as the performance. At 8:00 p.m., snack foods and drinks were offered to guests, which were too tasty to make my day (Dunkle, 2014).
Vibrant, colorful lights were placed all over the lawn, and these looked appealing and incredible. The Hershey Symphony Orchestra was attended by volunteer musicians or performers who gave their best and did everything to keep our attention intact. I must say that it has become a part of our culture; on that Independence Day, the Hershey Symphony Orchestra added value to my overall feelings and emotions. I got a chance to know more about the culture, traditions, and history of the country. The performers must have rehearsed for weeks (Dunkle, 2014).
I was quite impressed to see their confidence level; all of the junior performers, while playing their pianos and other instruments, circled around the main artist and looked graceful. From their facial expressions to their voices, everything was jus

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