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Comparison Between Chinese Advertising And Tv Programs To America (Essay Sample)


Write an advertisement about China and the United States. The difference between TV shows and media is divided into three sections (one page per section)


TV (Television) programs and advertising has grown and advanced over the years. The equipment used, the content created and the environment used to portray the setting all make up the scene to for an advert or to shoot a TV program. Chinese advertising and television programs indeed differ from American advertising and TV programs in so many ways even though they might share some familiarities.
Chinese Advertising and TV Programs
Chinese television broadcasting started in 1958. The young industry struggled due to an economic crisis that occurred in the 1960s. In 1958, it started as Beijing TV which was changed to Central China Television in 1978.There was also China Television and Harbin Television. (Xang, 2014)
There is an economic improvement that begun in the 1980s that not only gave Chinese Television room to grow but also lead it to become one of the leading advertisers and broadcasting cooperation in the world today. (Xang, 2014)
Chinese TV programs consist of movies, television series or shows, Chinese music videos and Chinese news bulletins and documentaries. Chinese shows may be divided into fictional and reality. Fictional TV programs are programs that are based on a made up story line while reality shows occur live and are based on a real life situation experience or setting. Reality TV shows in China are doing very well actually. The mainland’s satellite television channels carry more than 100 different reality TV programs. Moreover, according to Ent Group, an entertainment industry consulting firm nine out of the 10 most popular TV shows in China were reality shows.
Fictional TV programs may consist of action and thriller adventure shows and series same as movies. China has the largest number of viewers of Television in the world due to its population of 1.3billion people. Out of this 95% are viewers of its television networks and advertisements that have more than 3000 channels. (Olivier, 2017)
Hence, advertising in China seems easy but is very difficult due to the wide presence of so many players in the market. This will have to make one think out of the box, to be able to catch viewers or potential customers’ attention. Some of this is usually done through television, digital advertising or even online advertising. Due to the large number of viewers on television, so many marketers are investing in advertising on TV, however most are taking a different step to venture into digital and online advertising. This is because in the modern world today, we spend more time on our digital and online devices such as iPad, laptops and mobile phones than we do on television.
This makes it easier for an advertisement to spread and trend causing a positive customer uproar attracting tremendous feedback. Especially on social media websites where customers can share the advertisement with their friends, colleagues or even family, compared to television where it can only be viewed at that moment and cannot be shared or viewed among viewers. The good thing about online and digital advertising which is becoming the leading form of advertising in China is its capability to be viewed severally and to stay online as long as it has been posted through websites, social media or digital media outlets.

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